Sunday, November 26, 2017

Original Mirro Gingersnap Spritz Cookie Recipe & Cute New Gingerbread Man Disc

I was tickled when the good folks at Impress Bakeware sent me an adorable gingerbread man disc to play with-love it! I knew right away that this old Mirro Ginger Snap Recipe with lots of warm spices and molasses would be the perfect recipe for his first batch of cookies. Add in a few seasonal candy sprinkles or colored sugar and I'd call this a fun day of baking:@)

So, run, run as fast as you can... 
Into the kitchen and whip up a batch of cute Christmas cookies!

  • This dough likes to puff up a bit, try to get a feel for pressing out ~just enough~ dough to stick to the baking sheets while keeping your cookies skinny. You'll have more definition (and less pudgy boys:@) that way.
  • Don't know if this speaks to my lack of patience but, I think the simple colored sugar looks best as a decoration.
  • I did chill the second sheet for 15 minutes before baking, it didn't make any difference in the shape of the cookie. So no chilling necessary.
  • This is a cookie for crunchy cookie lovers! Ma calls these "dunkers"... Great with coffee or tea.
They have a complete set of gingerbread discs, so neat for Christmas baking!
PS-They do offer individual discs from most of their sets, 
so you can pick and choose a few of your favorites if you don't need a whole set.

Recipe from Mirro:

Happy holiday baking everyone:@)

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  1. Fabulous. I think I might even have a gingerbread man disk. I'll have to look. The press I bought 40 years ago is a Mirro.

    Now instead of making both Spritz and Gingerbread men, we can make one cookie. A 2-fer.

  2. I love gingerbread cookies and this recipe sounds like I want to save. I have a gingerbread disk, similar to yours. Thanks dear friend for sharing, they look adorable.
    Have a happy week.

  3. They are adorable! They look like they had too much Thanksgiving dinner!

  4. Oh Lynn, aren't the cookies adorable?! I still have my old Mirro cookbook from the 70's that I've held onto. I have never made the Ginger Snap recipe, though. I really, really love your gingerbread man disc! I'll have to check into that one, and the gingerbread girl. They sure would be easier than cutting them out with cookie cutters!

  5. So cute!!! I just found my second cookie press over the weekend, but haven't checked to see what disks are in the box. Must do that right now :)

  6. These little guys are adorable! I sure all of us looking at them are going to try to find one :)

  7. So, so cute Lynn! I love gingerbread. ♥


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