Sunday, April 10, 2016

Small Batch Homemade Fermented Sauerkraut

I took advantage of fresh cabbage being 17¢/lb and whipped up a Small Batch of Fermented Sauerkraut. My goal was 1. To play with the mason jar air lock set I bought last year. 2. To see if I could actually do it. And 3. I wanted a sauerkraut I could keep indefinitely in the fridge since I live alone and eating a whole can just never happens. They say fermented kraut will stay good in the fridge for up to a year, if it lasts that long:@)

I started this batch on 3/13/16 at 5PM, it's been on my kitchen counter since then. It took two days to start bubbling and bubbled like crazy for three days. Then the cabbage turned a light color and the bubbles broke down. I used a fancy Himalayan pink salt that came with my air lock kit, I'll try regular canning salt for my next batch to see if it makes a difference.

Oh how I love my kitchen toys:@)
Fermentation kit (air lock, rubber stopper, lid with hole, glass weight, salt) found HERE.
Can you make sauerkraut without the special equipment-absolutely!
Sauerkraut's been around forever. Ma says my grandparents had an old whiskey barrel on the porch and made it in that every year...
Outside, in the Philadelphia heat and humidity, without measurements... Long before we ever heard of the Food Police... 
Just sayin'.
This first batch created a nice mild sauerkraut, which is very easy to eat cold or hot by the forkful. 
I'm going to do a little research and see if I can find one with a little more pucker power-I'll report back.
A great source of information is

4/17/16 Update: I'm hooked folks...  I feel like a mad scientist:@)

I'm not going to write up directions or a recipe, I'll refer you to the seasoned expert HERE.
Another write-up from can be found HERE.

These notes are a quick reference for a quart jar:
1 3/4 lbs = 28 oz = 800 grams cabbage/veggies
1 Tblsp salt
Extra brine = 1 Tblsp salt per 2 C water
(400 gr cabbage = 1 1/2 tsp salt; 600 gr cabbage = 2 1/4 tsp salt)

Let's get that kraut made before grilling season-No Naked Hot Dogs!!!
 Have a happy day:@)

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  1. Dish sounds great...

  2. my folks made it every year in a big crock with a weight on it to squeeze the juices up. yum.

  3. I've never even thought about making sauerkraut Lynn, and your process sounds like it was fun to witness! I tried making sour dough starter once, and just didn't have the patience for the long needy process. I'm sure your homemade kraut has much better flavor. I'll be interested to see how your research goes...

  4. I love sauerkraut the "puckier" the better. My husband (Polish) likes the milder version. I've never heard of that piece of equipment so will check it out.


  5. I have always wanted to try making sauerkraut, Lynn. Thanks for giving me the incentive to try it. Another plus is that fermented food is good for the gut!

  6. Now are you going to try making kimchi? It is a fermented sauerkraut with over 300 recipes!! I'm thinking you could find one that was the perfect pucker!!

  7. My husband loves sauerkraut and I'm ashamed to admit I've never made it for him. You've given me inspiration Lynn.

  8. I'm intrigued by this Lynn! I had to chuckle about your grandparents making it in the heat in old whiskey barrel back in the day...the food police are way too overzealous these days :)

  9. What a fun idea! I have never thought of making sauerkraut at home---leave it to you, Lynn, to make it happen :)

  10. Lynn, this is something I've been wanting to do for decades and never seem to get around to! I've seen a few different kits for sale, can't decide which to get. I think that's what the holdup is! :D Thanks for the reminder and inspiration.

  11. If I could get my husband to eat sauerkraut I'd try this in a heartbeat! Nice work!

  12. Hi Lynn,
    So glad you gave us the recipe for a small batch of Sauerkraut, it looks awesome! Thanks so much for sharing with us at Full Plate Thursday. Have a great weekend and come back soon!
    Miz Helen


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