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Thursday, April 7, 2016

Meatloaf Pan Easy Clean-Up Tip

My dishwasher's name is Lynn, and while she doesn't necessarily do a very good job, she's been with the family for years:@) It's true, I have to hand wash dishes, so I like little tips that help make things easier. While we love meatloaf, it's messy... Lining the pan with aluminum foil before adding the insert is a great time (and elbow grease) saver.

You still have to wash the insert but that's the easy part.
$5 pan from Christmas Tree Shops years ago, a good purchase!
I'll spare you the pic from after I baked the meatloaf:@)

Have a happy day!


  1. Lynn what a great idea! You deserve a break :-)

  2. Lynn, I would line every pan, pot and bowl I owned with foil or Saran if I had to wash by hand! :)

  3. that's a smart thing! (laughed at your opening lines. you goof!)

  4. Love that pan! You are a good dishwasher I'm sure!

  5. Great tip Lynn. Meatloaf makes for a messy pan that's for sure.

  6. I sure miss the Christmas Tree Shops now that I live in the NW. The have the most assortment of things at very reasonable prices.

  7. I use a lot of foil for the same reason! I love that meatloaf pan!!!

  8. I do the same thing, but I don't have the meatloaf pan!

  9. Great tip! My dishwasher started leaking and I haven't used it in months. Took me a little to get back in the groove of hand washing but I much prefer it. No plans to replace it.


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