Saturday, December 19, 2015

Went Junkin' -Christmas Finds

I had a little fun at the thrift stores recently, nothing fancy, but found some things that make me smile. I love these plastic angel ornaments and picked up four of them. They really have sweet faces, are holding a candle and have lots of detail. I left four for someone else:@)

I love how simple this table runner is. 
Houses, a church and a barn. I doubt it's old but it has a good vintage (Scandinavian?) feel to me. There isn't a label.

Added a small crochet angle tree topper to the ceramic tree. 

And one of my favorite things:
Don't know if this was originally a pin or a necklace but I'll be pinning it to my apron on Christmas and jingling my bell all day!
It's 2" overall and makes a great ringing sound.

I hope you're having a season of fun finds too.
Have a happy day:@)


  1. Great finds! The table runner is adorable. Wishing you a happy holiday!

  2. Wow Lynn, you had some great finds!! I've never seen an angel ornament like that -- she's just charming. :) I love the table runner, and I do think it looks Scandinavian, too. Such a sweet little angel topper for your ceramic tree. I can tell you're enjoying that little tree; I've still got to get mine out. Beautiful Christmas bell brooch and perfect for Christmas day.

    Have a joyous week, Lynn!!


    Denise at Forest Manor

  3. You found some very fun Christmas-y things, Lynn. The angel ornament is so cute, and the table runner will look so pretty for your dinner on Chrismas Day. The crocheted angel is perfect for your ceramic tree and I hope the boys get a kick out of the ringing bell! I know you're looking forward to a shortened work week...woohoo!!!

  4. Love the runner! Jingle away Lynn! Merry Christmas!

  5. Merry Christmas. I enjoy your blog.

  6. Fun finds Lynn! I adore your runner, it does look Scandinavian! Hope you jingle all the way with your new pin :)

  7. Such a cute table runner---I need a new tree topper, but didn't have the patience for braving the crowds!


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