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Saturday, October 17, 2015

Pinterest Brownie FAIL!

I just had to try the two ingredient pumpkin brownies when I saw them. It sounded too easy, one 15 oz can of pumpkin and a 13x9 brownie mix, that's all it called for... Well, they smelled  little "off" while mixing but I plugged on, after all, if it's on the internet it has to be good-right??? :@) Out of the oven they still smelled funny, um, tasted funny and had an almost rubbery consistency. 

Be scared.... very scared...

Thankfully this was only a $2 flop. 
Sorry boys, no brownies for dinner tomorrow, but I think you'd thank me if you knew...

Keep trying new things and have a happy weekend:@)


  1. Hi Lynn, thanks for the heads up! I've had some project "fails" as well. In fact, I have a pinterest board devoted to Projects that Failed. I'm adding this one!

  2. We just never know until we try something do we.

  3. If you can't trust the internet who can you trust? ;)

  4. Rubbery brownies doesn't sound good.

  5. Lynn, I have that recipe pinned and had plans to mix up a batch. Thanks for the your spooky graphic though :)

  6. I HATE recipe flops, AGHHHH! I made some cupcakes the other day that tasted great right after baking but the next day that were inedible and I had to toss the whole batch... your flop was worth the cool Haunted Halloween dress up though, very spooky!!

  7. Interesting, wonder why seems like it would add nice flavor and moisture. Glad it was a cheap fail. :).

  8. Well I guess we can't believe everything on the internet after all! Thanks for the warning, Lynn, although your brownies look pretty. I guess, in this case, looks can be deceiving!


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