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Sunday, September 20, 2015

Starting to get my Boo on:@)

My thoughts are beginning to turn to Halloween, I love seeing the fun new items at stores. Walmart has cute Halloween cookies cutters for $2 that have a plunger for adding detail. I like to use these for decorating pie crust. There was a witches hat too, but it broke while I was trying to remove it from the packaging. Make sure you cut the plastic, don't try to pull the cutters out. **10/6/15 update: Unfortunately these cutters are extremely cheap and either break and/or don't have a strong enough spring to make a good imprint. When Walmart first sold the Christmas set 2 years ago they were great, very similar to Williams-Sonoma-not any more. 

Since I'm keeping the ceramic tree out in the craft room year round, I want to give it little seasonal touches... 
A simple garland and vintage inspired owl topper are all it took to add some Halloween spirit.  

And I'd like to thank everyone for your suggestions about how to camouflage the big hole in the back of my jack-o-lantern... I found this big fat rat at the Dollar Store, stuck him in the hole and ~for now~ he amuses me (especially the back where his butt and tail stick out:@) They did also have the deco mesh with a little gold through it, so I have options...

How about you, are you beginning to think orange and black?
Have a happy day:@)


  1. i think the rat was a good 'hole plugger!'

  2. Great idea! That's the only rat I would allow in our home :-) I'm prepping the orange and black but too early for me.

  3. Love the rat, but it would creep me out! Cute cute cookies cutters!!


  4. I just made a note on the reminder list for next weekend to decorate for Halloween. We decorate our porch and I decorate the mantle. Thinking fall! Love the cookie cutters. Cute, Cute! Have a great week.

  5. You're sure on the ball, Lynn, with the Halloween decor. The rat did the trick for concealing the hole and adds some creep-factor!

  6. The back view of your Jack must be a hoot Lynn! Cute Halloween plunger cutters too, thanks for the heads up, I'll look for them next time I fly over to Walmart <|:>)

  7. You are really going to be prepared Lynn and your tree is looking great. The rat is creepy to me, but he does do a great job.

  8. Oh, my gosh, that rat is perfect! And there's a big game here in Indy tonight :) May the best team win!!!

  9. Hi Lynn, Your ceramic Christmas Tree looks so cute standing in for Halloween. :-D I have one of those but never thought of using it other than at Christmas. Clever girl!

    The jack o' lantern looks really cute with the upside down rat peeking out. I do detest those critters, though, so I doubt I could have him in our house. He looks just a little too realistic, LOL. I hope you have a great week, Lynn!

    Big hugs,

    Denise at Forest Manor

  10. What a cute idea with the vintage Halloween tree. I have one that I picked up at an estate sale. I will have to find some
    spooky garland for it. :)
    Joy @ Books and Life

  11. I HATE packaging these days! Agh!! So sorry your hat broke, I love the other ones with details~ Your tree is a hoot with the Halloween decorations Lynn, and the rat is quite awful, the perfect fix for your Jack o lantern :)

  12. The rat is the perfect touch! I'm so happy to see Halloween decorations on your blog. Yippee!


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