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Thursday, May 7, 2015

Garden Planters 2015

After a great year last year, my planter garden has grown-literally... funny how that happens. My big terracotta pot cracked over the winter so I replaced it with a plastic one that's 2" wider and also picked up the plastic whisky barrel pot. The cement gargoyle is standing guard and deterring critters... or at least giving them the stink-eye as they eat my plants:@) The streamers floating around are Christmas tinsel I've tied on where I can-it's moving and sparkly and birds don't like it. After these pics I added the plastic forks around the rims again too.
I've gardened long enough to know that the tub of tomato plants will probably have to be moved, but for now I like the way it looks snugged up to the others.
My local garden center carried 40lb bags of raised bed soil this year, I thought that was great! It had everything from mulch to compost to perlite in it. I mixed that with manure and some dirt from the old planter. There are a few flowers tucked in for color and we'll see how they do, I'm hoping the portulaca drapes down over the sides.

So this is my little garden experiment this year, there will most likely be one addition to it, but I'll save that for another time.
I hope your weather's been nice and you've been able to get your hands dirty!

Have a happy day:@)


  1. I hope your container garden grows like a weed Lynn! You'll be harvesting veggies in no time :)

  2. Lovin your garden gargoyle Lynn, I sure could use some of those threatening my nibbling critters! Can't wait to watch your garden grow!

  3. Your container garden is looking good, Lynn! I'm sure you'll be harvesting lots of goodies before too long, and I look forward to the progress.

  4. awesome! may the forks and tinsel and gargoyle protect your plants well!

  5. Love it! If I plant, containers is how I will go. I do need some soil though.

  6. Hi Lynn, I'm thinking some of my ferocious critters would be plucking one of those forks and using it to eat the tomatoes...and btw I take my hot dogs burned to a crisp. I love them that way! Never ever raw! :) I hope your planters overflow with delicious goodies so you can entertain us with more good recipes! Linda

  7. Lynn, I hope it all makes just beautifully for you! Our little garden is coming along nicely and I have some herbs growing in pots. Dang...I may need to plant me some pole beans in a pot now! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  8. I had success with herbs in my containers last year and the rosemary survived over the warm winter. We have never had that happen before. I added a tomatoe. I have never tried cukes. That would be great and I don't have room in the ground for that.

  9. Your planters are wonderful! I planted one yesterday---and need to get another large one for another tomato plant. Our unseasonably hot weather has put me in the mood to garden :)


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