Saturday, June 7, 2014

Saturday Snippets

My snow peas are in! Not only did the plants provide pretty purple flowers, they made a slightly smaller pea pod, about 2.5" which helps keep them to one bite. Not bad for a 20¢ pack of seeds. Sounds like sweet and sour something for dinner with the kids tomorrow:@)

Look at what I found at Walmart ~Jalapeño Dogs~. Oh yea, while I probably would have tried them no matter what, at a price of $1.50 I couldn't get them into my cart fast enough. Question, am I the only one that eats an Oscar Mayer Wiener right out of the package? Really??? Yep, my first one was au-natural and let me tell you, these dogs have a little bite to 'em! No crazy heat but you will know there are jalapeños in there. This was a fun New Food To Me, don't hesitate to give them a try folks!

Warmer weather and some rain seems to have made my planter garden very happy! I love that the beans and cukes are beginning to grow more vertically. Just takes a little guidance from me:@) My pepper plant is the only one lagging behind, I do wish I planted it more towards the rim of the pot so it could get some more sun... Not sure if I'm going to try moving it at this point in time though. Update to the forks: I still think it's a good idea, but be sure to put some at the rim of the pot so the birds can't land on the planter.

Well folks, it's another gorgeous weekend here in Philly, I have a couple fun ideas for the grill and think I'll fire it up a little later!

Have a happy day:@)


  1. your fork pot is too cute. :) no, i do not eat a hot dog straight from the package. now sugar snap peas, DEFINITELY! i buy them and eat them raw like candy. :)

  2. I love snap peas, but I am afraid that I do not eat hot dogs out of the package and definitely not the ones with hot peppers in them. My tummy can't take spicy food. But I do love hot dogs from the grill.
    Have a great weekend.

  3. Those peas looks delicious! I'd be tempted to eat them as is. I love Chicago-style hot dogs so why not eliminate a step and get the franks already infused with the peppers? Happy grilling.


  4. I love snow peas! I must admit that I haven't eaten a wiener right out of the package in at least 50 years!!

  5. You have a GREEN thumb, Lynn...everything is looking luscious! I saw those crazy Jalapeño Dogs last time I shopped & I instantly thought of you, Hot Stuff. LOL
    You enjoy every sizzling bite of them...I'll pass.

    My 2 cucumber plants are starting to trail, too. I'm hoping to get them to climb around my trellis that also has some pretty Morning Glory plants at the base. I just watered everything, including the 4 eggplants that I forgot I had planted on the side of the house. Good thing God has been doing the watering for me!!

    Enjoy the warm sunshine...we deserve it after that last winter!

  6. Your garden is doing fabulous...the snow peas look delicious! I am so behind on everything...just doing some large containers with some veggies.

    I find hot dogs to be too slimy to eat right out of the package, but I can nuke them for 40 seconds!! I have to try these. Have you ever tried the Hebrew Nation brand? Can't explain it, the flavor is just right in your face!!


  7. Your peas look so yummy. We had some last night....but not as fresh as yours! I'm going to try these hot dogs! Hugs!

  8. Great idea with the forks, your plants are looking very healthy.

  9. Your planter is looking great, Lynn, and those snow peas are gonna be wonderful tomorrow for dinner. Nope, I don't eat hot dogs out of the package, but I do love them grilled. Wait until Mike finds out that there's jalapeño dogs!! Sounds like a weiner with your vegan baked beans.

  10. The forks are brilliant! Snow peas are one of my favorite veggies, how much fun to have them in your garden~not sure about the jalapeno dogs, but I but my son would love them!

  11. Interesting answers to your hot dog question. My husband and I both eat dogs out of the package (as well as grilled, etc.)! We grew up in California and Az and are both in our 60's. Hum...I know you're much younger - no clue why no one else is responding affirmatively...

  12. Good lookin' peas! My plants haven't even flowered yet so it'll be a while. Love fresh peas of the vine! It's been quite a while since I ate a dog out of the package but they are fully cooked anyway!

  13. Lynn, I have snow pea envy, first the blooms, now the pods! Your forks in your planter are brilliant! It would prevent those pesky squirrels from digging in pots too :)


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