Thursday, February 12, 2015

Leprechaun Kiss Me I'm Irish -Plastic Canvas Hershey Kiss Holder

Waaay back in the 80's I was asked to make 150 of these plastic canvas "squeeze cheeks" ornaments for a Christmas party, in a Santa design. Oh the things we do at the holidays... I see many ideas and different designs on Pinterest but wanted to add this Leprechaun ~Kiss Me I'm Irish~ Hershey Kiss Holder, I think he turned out kinda cute! They can be silly gifts or ornaments and I really think they'd make cute necklaces for little girls.
You basically start out with three squares of plastic canvas that are 10x10 holes, the face is one square turned to look like a diamond. I made big loops with yarn for hair and the curly beard. I would trim the point of the hat off the next time (remove the last square.) That would give the hat a different look (this one actually looks a bit like a cowboy hat to me:@). For the brim of the hat, I just cut around a couple extra squares on each side of the face piece. You can, and probably should, sew in every hole of the canvas, since this was just a fun little experiment for myself I kept the face stitches long.
There are many tutorials out there so I won't make another one, there are some good links HERE and HERE
Have fun with it, kids really do get a kick out of them!

Make something silly and have a happy day:@)

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  1. oh, that's too cute! but you made me crave chocolate!!!

  2. Aw, how adorable. You are one of the most creative people I know Lynn. Have a nice weekend and stay warm.

  3. Cute! 150 Santas? Whew- That was an industrious labor! :)

  4. That little leprechaun is so cute, Lynn! Yes, little girls would love that, especially with the Hershey kiss inside (me, too!).

  5. So cute! Bet you are not planning to make 150 of them ;) You are a very talented lady!

  6. He's so darn cute! I especially love chocolate tucked inside. I can't imagine making a ton of those.

  7. Lynn...this is darling!! I want one but I'm too clumsy to make one! I have a little bird creature like this that's an annual Christmas tree ornament. Every year we put a Hershey's Kiss in it. The first year we had a dalmatian puppy (which didn't last long!), he sniffed out the candy and nearly knocked the tree over trying to get to it! Ha!

    Thanks for the fun post...I love the little guy.

    Jane x

  8. Too cute and clever Lynn! Very appropriate for a kissing holiday and St. Paddy's Day too :)

  9. Oh how cute are these! I guess it's time to get to get ready for the next holiday! Love the little leprechaun hiding a chocolate kiss! So incredibly clever~just adorable!

  10. He is a cutie! Yes, it will be St. Patrick's Day before we know it and spring!

  11. This is so cute, Lynn!! What a great idea for St. Pat's Day! I love the color of his hair and beard, and the little buckle on his hat is so cute. :-D

    Thanks for sharing, Lynn -- have a wonderful weekend!


    Denise at Forest Manor


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