Monday, January 12, 2015

Football Team Colors Guide for Icing

So here we are folks, down to the last three games of the year, only four teams left. And no, mine isn't one of them *sniffle*... I saw this cool Football Team Color Guide from McCormick on Pinterest and thought I'd share it in case you wanted to whip up some cupcakes for one of the games. Of the last four teams standing, who are you hoping to see win the Super Bowl? New England, Indianapolis, Seattle or Green Bay...
As for me, let's just say... I like cheese:@)

Have a happy day!


  1. I pinned that same fun chart Lynn! The Panthers lost to Seattle Saturday *sniff* ...I like cheese too :)

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  3. Hi Lynn, oops, I misread, sorry your team isn't with the last ones! Funny chart :-D! xx

  4. Cute chart. Sorry your team is out of the running. We're down to the wire down, even in college football and my team didn't make it either.

  5. My first choice, Indianapolis. Second choice, New England.


  6. Yesterday was a sad loss, Lynn! Two of my sons were here to watch and we couldn't believe the call. Oh well, on to the Buckeye game tonight.
    Thanks for sharing the color chart!

  7. How neat! Sure think we should have been white and royal blue! lol What a fun chart though! Hugs!

  8. Now, that is nice to have! Thanks for sharing, Lynn. Sorry your team isn't one of them. Boo!

    I root for several teams, and so far, so good. I pull for the Saints, the Jags, and the Bucs. I always pulled for the Cowboys when I was young because I liked their players and their colors.



  9. Hi Lynn,
    Are you suggesting that there is a team worthier to win than New England? :) :) :)
    I hope you are rooting for the Patriots now too!

  10. This is a great chart! My favorite team is KC Chiefs. =)

  11. great fun for the future! "Maybe Someday" said in my most wistful Cleveland accent

  12. the McCormick people are so smart! Gotta get that icing right! We are still licking our red and white wounds, sniff sniff... I think I'll have some cheese with my cupcake :)

  13. I love the chart! I don't think I can make team cupcakes till after a Super Bowl win--I'd certainly jinx the team :) Hard to believe that our two favorite teams are still in---but they could easily be gone next week. Keeping fingers crossed!

  14. So funny! If there happens to be a Championship game party and I'm asked to bring dessert, I'll know what to do now :)


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