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Friday, November 28, 2014

Onion Spinach Dip

This Onion Spinach Dip is a nice combination of a couple classics, and if I really wanted to stretch it, I could say the red and green color is very nice for Christmas too! It comes together in no time and would be good with chips, veggies or spread on crackers.
And I'm pretty sure the spinach makes it health food... that's what I'm telling myself anyway:@)

Onion Spinach Dip
2 C sour cream
1 envelope dry Lipton Onion Soup Mix
1 C frozen chopped spinach, thawed and squeezed dry (half a box or so)
2 heaping Tblsp red bell pepper, 1/8" diced, extra to sprinkle on top if desired
1/4 tsp garlic powder
~Mix everything well and chill for a couple hours. Serve with chips, veggies, crackers, or bread.

Pass the dip and chips and have a happy day:@)


  1. Yumm, I would eat this on a fresh baked baguette, I think I will try this for New Year's eve, as we are staying at home. Have a great weekend :-).

  2. I don't know a soul who will turn down onion dip with ruffle chips. The spinach makes it only better and the garnish very festive.

  3. I love the simplicity of a great dip! I couldn't pass this one up! Love the pop of color in the garnish too!

  4. I think you're right, Lynn, and not stretching it a bit...the dip would be great as a Christmas dip with the pretty colors. I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family. Now it's on to the next season.
    Happy weekend to you!

  5. You can't beat onion dip in my book, and this is brilliant for the holidays, why, with spinach and red peppers, it's practically a health food!! Pretty too~

  6. I thought I wasn't going to like this until I saw you use Lipton mix. I love that stuff. It's the raw or cooked onion I don't do! Nice to healthy it up with spinach. : )

  7. A classic dip too good to resist Lynn! Love the addition of red bell pepper for a little Christmas cheer :)

  8. Yum!!! I love anything with spinach!!! do you like olives? ever chop them up and throw them in onion dip.. that is delicious too!

  9. I have to cover my computer screen so my husband doesn't see this :) He would love it but eat the entire bowl by himself! Delicious!

  10. Oh, yeah! This is a winner....and I love the pop of red from the peppers :)


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