Thursday, October 23, 2014

Halloween Tree 2014

I had a blast setting up the 6' tree this year! Love it and will continue decorating a big Halloween Tree. Here it is from back when I first set it up and the lighting was better for pics, my livingroom is dark and I have added to the tree since then. The colored C7 bulbs are blinkers so some times I catch them, sometimes I don't... Warning: picture overload-Proceed with caution:@)

Some folks have said they'd like to have a Halloween tree but don't know where to get ornaments. The easiest way to start gathering them is while Christmas ornaments are out, just imagine what would work for Halloween. The solid black balls, owls and blue stars are all from clearance last year.
I love the costume award buttons, they are a great size and the ribbon detail is cool. 
Was hoping Walmart would have more this year, but no-bummer.
An inexpensive pack of plastic treat pumpkins goes a long way in helping to fill out a tree.
I tucked larger wooden cut-outs and scarecrow picks deeper inside the branches. 
The orange cat cookie cutter in the pic below is a great example of filler... I grabbed a pack of 6 plastic Halloween cookie cutters at Big Lots on clearance for 25¢ last November. They may eventually get make-overs, but I enjoyed them as is this year.
The black bat above (some are orange, there are 6) is a spinner the boys gave me, 
the heat from the bulbs makes the fins in the middle turn.
I simply added orange bead dots from Michaels to a couple plain black balls, love the way they look!
The caution tape did turn out to be a fun, colorful garland for the tree.
The fiber optic witch tree topper that I shared earlier HERE.
So that's my tree this year folks-
You don't have to decorate a big one, I used a 28" feather tree for years, I just... um, outgrew it.

I hope you're having a fun Halloween too:@)


  1. Lynn, your Halloween tree is FABULOUS! The caution tape makes a great garland.

  2. Lynn, I love seeing your Halloween tree in all its spooky glory and so fun to graduate to a larger tree! I love the caution tape and your plastic cookie cutters are such a fun and colorful addition and filler. A set of Halloween Shiny Brites at HomeGoods keeps haunting me, but I'm afraid once I take the leap to Halloween ornaments I'll throw caution to the wind :)

  3. Love your Halloween tree Lynn. Good tips on how to find decorations for the tree. Your witch is scary...

  4. A fun tree, the ornaments are all great! The "so scary" ghost is super cute in the tree :-). Great job, the tree looks fabulous!

  5. Oh I just love Halloween. And the decorations that come with it.

    Mersad Donko Photography

  6. Love, love, love! Especially love the "caution" swags.


  7. Your Halloween tree looks wonderful, Lynn. It's such fun to see all the variety of ornaments that you make or find. I'll bet those spinners are fun to see in person. I love the black ornament with the dots that you added. The caution tape makes for the perfect garland. You make life fun and I know that even though your boys are grown, they look forward to seeing your tree every year.

  8. How cute! Looks like fun. Do you hang toffee pieces from it? They come wrapped in black and orange. :-)

  9. You know we're kindred spirits. Your Halloween tree is fabulous. That caution tape is the perfect touch.

  10. This tree is so much fun! I will have to go back and look at the pics again! So much to see. I just might do a small one next year!

  11. my favorite part of the whole thing is the use of the yellow caution tape for garland. :)

  12. I love your Halloween tree. It's is so cute! Do you keep it up during the Christmas holidays?

  13. Oh, I love your tree. And what a great idea to buy Halloween-ish ornaments in the post Christmas sales.

  14. That certainly is a fun idea and a happy looking tree for the holiday. Blessings, Catherine

  15. I like the award buttons, too! I like WitchyPoo on top, too.

  16. This is one of the cutest ideas i have ever seen - looks great. Do you do this every year?

    1. Howdy! Yep, I've had a Halloween tree for about 10 years now, only on a smaller scale:@)

  17. Hi Lynn, you are so creative, whenever I need a holiday idea I immediately check with your blog. Love the tree!

  18. I wish you could see me jumping up and down Lynn! Actually I'm sitting on the couch with a huge smile on my face!! I have been waiting for this for weeks, FANTASTIC! I love everything from the caution tape to the rotating bats and sparkling skeletons and pumpkin abundance! Your witch has the most awesome hair too! I wish I could swing by and see this in person, please share again as you add to the tree, it sure is packed full of frightful fun!

  19. Lynn, this is adorable! I've never seen a full size Halloween tree. Love it! The garland of caution tape is so clever. I'm pinning this!

  20. Yippee, Lynn; we got to see your Halloween tree!! I saw this yesterday evening and I meant to stop by then, but I ran out of time. This is great!! I love the skeleton wearing the orange chef's hat and apron and holding a pie. Too funny! :-D It also looks like you have several old-world style glass ornaments? I love the owls, the grinning skeleton head, the witch's head, and it looks like there's a Frankenstein monster, too. You did such a good job with this -- it's so creative. I love that you used yellow, crime-scene tape as a garland. :-D I can tell you had fun decorating this Lynn, and I'm glad you've shared it with us.

    Have a fun weekend, my friend!


    Denise at Forest Manor

  21. This tree is very very nice!!
    Here in Italy weekend don't decorate an halloween tree... but it is a nice idea!!

  22. LYNN!!!!!!! If I could cuss and say what I really want to say about this tree... lets just say that I think that it is AWESOME!!!!! : )

  23. I ADORE your tree. Love, love, love it! Thanks for sharing. I know you will enjoy it.

  24. Awesome! Love the creativity! 😃


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