Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Mustard and Soy Sauce Marinade for Pork Tenderloin

My son told me he's been enjoying adding mustard to meats lately so I whipped up this Mustard and Soy Sauce Marinade for some pork tenderloin. It's nice to have a marinade that uses the great flavor of soy sauce in a way that's totally different than teriyaki or sesame. It was a cool day so I made the tenderloin in the oven and we all loved it, but we also look forward to trying this on the grill! Ya gotta love the pig folks:@) Although I'm guessing this would be great with chicken too...
A fun little tasty tip from Alton Brown, when the meat is done cooking lay it on tin foil and pour 1-2 Tblsp of reserved marinade over it (please don't use the marinade after the raw meat's been in it). Then wrap the meat for a 10 minute rest before serving.

Mustard and Soy Sauce Marinade
enough for two tenderloins up to 2lbs total
1/4 C soy sauce
1/4 C olive oil
3 Tblsp mustard-I used spicy brown, use what you have
2 Tblsp brown sugar
1 large clove garlic-I used the garlic press
Lots of freshly ground black pepper
  1. Mix all, reserve about 2 Tblsp of the marinade, add the pork tenderloin and marinate for at least a couple hours, turning occasionally-I let mine marinate for 5 hours, the longer the better...
  2. Preheat oven to 425 degrees.
  3. Place meat on baking sheet and roast uncovered for about 25 minutes, or until the internal temperature is around 145 degrees (more or less depending on how you like your pork, I just set the timer for 25 minutes, I also baked the meat on parchment for easier clean-up).
  4. Bring pork out of the oven and lay it on a sheet of tin foil, give the reserved marinade a stir and pour it over the pork. Wrap up in foil and let rest for 10 minutes, pour juices over sliced meat on platter. Oh and, keep a spoon handy... You'll want to drizzle some juice on the meat once it's on your plate too:@)
Eat well and have a happy day!

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  1. run, earl, run! don't fall for the 'time for your bath' trick!

  2. I love this! One of my favorite sauces my mother used to make was done with something like mustard, apple jelly, and horseradish sauce. Does that make sense? It might not be the ingredients, but I loved it on ham because it had a kick, but was also sweet. I wish I had some of that tenderloin right now. Instead I am eating a cup of turkey chili from Panera, my go to place these days.



  3. Oh I love pork tenderloin, Lynn -- such a tasty meat!! We have a good marinade that we use for grilling. Yours looks wonderful, and I really need to try cooking one in the oven when we can't use the grill. Thanks for the tin foil tip (Alton Brown) has great tips like that. I'm heading off to pin this recipe now. :)

    Have a wonderful day!


    Denise at Forest Manor

  4. I love pork tenderloin, pork chops, sausage and of course bacon - being that I was raised on a farm.
    I am sure going to try the pork tenderloin with the mustard and soy sauce.
    Thanks so much

  5. Pork tenderloin....yum. Looks wonderful!
    I used to use some mustard/1-2 T milk/honey to roll a fish filet in before coating with chopped pecans. So there is a mustard idea. It was delightful.

  6. I am so excited - I have this recipe and I have made it many times - finally - and it tastes really great.

  7. This looks really good. I'm pinning this!!

  8. Yum! Pork tenderloin is a favorite around our house.


  9. This looks melt-in-your-mouth delicious! Keeper for sure. xo

  10. Oh YUM!! I be lovin' me some pork tenderloin! I'll bet this would be good with chicken too. :)

  11. I love mustard in recipes and this pork tenderloin looks and sounds delicious!

  12. This sounds wonderful! I haven't made a pork loin in a while.

  13. You have created a taste sensation! Sounds so good to me!

  14. It's time for a pork loin around here....can't wait to try your recipe.

  15. Pork tenderloin is always popular at our house and this looks very tasty with the marinade. Mustard and pork go so well together. Thanks for Alton's tip about resting.

  16. This is right up our cooking alley! Never used jarred mustard in a marinade before, I can't wait to try this Lynn, thanks!

  17. Talk about timing ~ I have a pork tenderloin that I was going to prepare for this evening. I had planned to grill it but after reading your recipe I have changed my mind. Looks yummy and I will be giving it a try. Thanks!

    Big Texas Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley

  18. It looks really yummy, Lynn....Christine

  19. Sounds like a great marinade, Lynn, and perfect for pork tenderloin. Thank you for sharing Alton's tip. I will remember to do that next time.

  20. I can't WAIT to try this recipe, Lynn...I'm always at a loss for how to cook those pork tenderloins & not have them come out dry as dust. Thanks for sharing how you did it...looks YUMMO!!

    Loved all your delightful Irish posts this past month...great ideas...all of them.

  21. I think this sounds really good. Yup, I'm a mustard fan. And I love your Irish pigs.

  22. Great combo of flavors Lynn! Love Alton's tip too :)

  23. Hi Lynn,
    Your Tenderloin looks fabulous, this is a great marinade. Happy St. Patrick’s Day to Ya and thanks so much for sharing your awesome post with Full Plate Thursday!
    Come Back Soon,
    Miz Helen

  24. I have now made this recipe two times. Once with a tenderloin & the other time with a pork loin roast...both times, it was excellent! This marinade is so tasty! Nice balance of sweet & savory;)


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