Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Working With A Design Flaw...

I picked up this extra large 16" Jack-O-Lantern at Walmart last year, loved the size and cute face! What I didn't love was the fact that they put the light bulb in the middle of the back of his head and you could see it. To make matters worse, he resides on a bench next to my kitchen table and folks sitting at the table would be averting their eyes from a bare light bulb-not good.
I knew I had to make some changes and believe me when I say I am not a "handy" person. 
This Halloween decoration just needed to be modified.
So first I removed the light, stuck a ruler into the pumpkin and pushed the round piece of plastic from the hole out. Played with the thought of gluing that circle back into the hole but it still let light in around the edges so I glued cardboard (dabbed with white paint) over the hole.

Then I managed to make a new hole in the plastic with a screw (this isn't that carvable funkin material) and used a pair of wire cutters to chip away at the plastic to make a new opening for the light up top. Maybe one day my boys can figure out how to cleanly cut out that original indent and we'll start over... 

So it's not perfect but for now...
We can have a cup of coffee at the table without being blinded by the light:@)
Have a happy day!


  1. I think for what it started out like - you did awesome! Love it. Love the season.

  2. You are handier than you think!


  3. I'm with Bonnie. You are handier than you think Lynn. Great job!

  4. I think you did an awesome job! You will have me looking at my collection and rethinking bulb placement.

  5. He is looking much better now after your surgery. Hope he had lots of anesthesia!

  6. Much better! I don't know why they place those in the oddest places.

  7. Oh how cute. Very clever of you to fix the light. Great Job!
    Betty @ My Cozy Corner

  8. Much better for sure! It makes you wonder if the creators even looked at the finished product!

  9. I like your perseverance! And you are much handier than me. What a cutie!


  10. Looks like quite a good save to me!

  11. Very clever idea! I probably would have just taken it to the thrift store. Ha!

  12. Huge improvement! Why didn't they think of that?!!

  13. Oh so much better, Lynn! You are so creative in your thinking. xo

  14. You seem pretty handy to me Lynn! I'm with Sarah, I would have had to send the JOL to spend Halloween at someone else's house :)


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