Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Works For Me Wednesday-Pantry Items

Hey everyone! What are your can't live without must haves in the pantry, besides the staples (flour, sugar, olive oil, etc.)? For me it would have to be these items, if I get low on one I get nervous:@)

Chicken Better Than Bouillon-I joke that I should be on their payroll, but honestly use it often. Any time I need to bump up the flavor I add it. Soup, rice, gravy, casseroles, one pot meals, heck green beans!

Lawry's Cracked Black Pepper Seasoning-This isn't the red topped Lawry's you can get in any market. This has a black top, is made with a coarser (kosher?) salt and has a wonderful amount of coarse pepper. The taste is different than the original too. I use this almost daily. As a matter of fact, I couldn't find it locally for a while and my son actually bought it for me on-line, we like it that much. I add it to most things but a very simple way to enjoy it is sprinkled on home fries or popcorn.

Diced Tomatoes-The possibilities are endless with a can of tomatoes... Quick pasta sauce, the base of a soup, salsa or chili. Cook meat, beans or rice with them, etc. This is the single most important must have for me, I'll never go hungry with a can of tomatoes in the closet.

How about you, what are your favorites?
Have a happy day:@)


  1. Lynn~ Don't you wish you had invented Better Than Buillon? I feel the same way about Olde Thompson Garlic Pepper seasoning like you do your Lawry's :)

  2. same as yours plus tom paste and sardines.


  3. I've never tried the Lawry's pepper but will definitely be on the lookout for it- thanks! I use a ton of honey for all sorts of things and I hate it when my honey jar runs dry. I also love to keep cans of the San Marzano tomatoes from Costco in my pantry. They are amazing, velvety and make wonderful sauces, soups etc.

  4. I also keep cans of diced tomatoes in my pantry, as well as green beans. I make a favorite chili recipe quite often, so if I don't have the ingredients for that always on hand I am in trouble! I also use lots of chopped green chiles, so my Mom stocks up for me when she goes to Sam's Club.

    Definitely going to look for that Lawry's pepper :)

  5. Love this! Need to find the bouillon. I make my own garlic/pepper/salt combo and it's awesome.

  6. Lynn, I use both beef and chicken Better Than Bullion,you are so right, it is wonderful and makes a savory difference in food.
    I'm going to have to try the Black Pepper Seasoning Salt. Great tip!

    Thanks for introducing me to the mason jar lid with the flip top! I'm getting a couple!

  7. Lynn,
    Diced tomatoes, definitely! Brown sugar and chocolate chips. Coffee.
    Black beans. And I could go on.

  8. Nice post. I love your must haves... lets see 3 of my must haves are... pasta, beans & cream of something soup

  9. I couldn't be without the Better Than Bouillon. I have never noticed if we have the black top Lawrys but sounds good so I will put it on my list. xo

  10. Great question....boullion is the top of my list too, along with diced tomatoes, puree, pasta, rice and all beans.....and tuna!!!

  11. Mine would have to be Golden mushroom soup, pasta any kind and lemon pepper..Hope you have a GREAT week my dear friend..Hugs and smiles Gloria

  12. I have to have canned tomatoes, too. A simple dish for me is chicken or pork with a can of diced tomatoes poured over and some Parmesian cheese. Baked. Yum! They think I slaved over it! ;-D


  13. Hmmm...dried basil, bay leaves and real vanilla. This got me thinking!

  14. I'll have to fin Better than Bullion. I buy diced tomatoes by the case at Sam's because I can do so many things with them.

  15. Oh darlin' I've got to find me some Better Than Bouillon!!! I think I've been missin' out!!!

    My list is much like yours I'd add liquid smoke to my list.

    God bless ya sweetie and have yourself an awesome day!!! :o)

  16. Organic brown rice as we eat it all the time. Jerk spice because I frequently use it on chicken and pork chops. I like the charred/roasted tomatoes in the can too. I consider lemons a staple as I zest/juice them into a lot of dishes.

  17. I would say my top 3 items were: cracked pepper, rice and canned tomatoes too. A 4th would be canned beans.


  18. I love "Mrs Dash" seasonings as I have to watch my salt in take.

    I also couldn';t live without canned tomatoes and pasta!

  19. You will never guess - but Chocolate chips - semi-sweet (my favorite), milk chocolate (my husband's favorite ) and white chips, then sweetened condensed milk and powdered sugar, but if the sugar doesn't count then I have to say peanut butter!

  20. I must find the cracked pepper stuff. I'll have to it that traveling man husband of mine on it.

    As for my pantry? Well, diced tomatoes are high on my list too. I also keep some cream of chicken, broccoli, mushroom, etc. soup on hand because I'm a lousy cook and sometimes a cream of something helps me out.

    Hangs my head...

  21. Canned tomato products because they are so versatile.


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