Tuesday, February 1, 2011

"Q" and the Weather?

Hi everyone! I'm happy to be joining Outdoor Wednesday and Alphabe Thursday and the letter is "Q":

Quite Scary
I hope everyone is safe and warm as 2100 miles of the US is dealing with snow and ice.
It sounds like Philly will miss the snow this time but we are expecting a 1/2" of ice, quite scary!
These icicles are nothing compared to what will be on the ground tomorrow morning!
My wood stove is lit, and we'll see how things look tomorrow:@)
2/2/11-Updated to say: I don't know what things were like over night, 
my electric did go off, but it's back on now. 
As of 6AM, it's just raining and the streets seem clear. Looks like we were lucky!

For those of you dealing with snow...
Quiet Snow
In the quiet of night the snow begins to fall,
if you stand still you hear nothing at all.
Breaking the quiet of morning the kids come out to play,
while the adults grab shovels and curse another snow day.
In the quiet of night the tired kids sleep well,
while the adults take aspirin and don't feel so swell!
Be careful and have a happy day:@)

Pudge says be sure to join the 
I My Favorite Kitchen Gadget Party! 
It's sure to stir up some fun! Details HERE!


  1. Those are some long icicles! There's 2-3 inches of ice in the Dallas area and will be 9 degrees tonight. Of course the wind is blowing like crazy!

    I'm happy to be a new follower! Hop you come by for a visit when you can.

  2. Oh my goodness...what icicles! Amazing.

  3. No ice like hat here, but snow and very cold.

  4. Wow! The icycles look extremely cold....Christine

  5. Oh..I really like this, Lynn! I hate to say, I'd rather have snow then ice...you skid more on ice. Hubby is out with his snow blower now. It's windy like crazy. Stay warm by your fire!


  6. You have a nice take on cold and ice.

  7. There is some crazy weather out there! Stay Warm!

  8. Ice is the worst. Stay safe&warm. ♥O

  9. Now be sure to stay in and SAFE!!!


  10. Thank you so much for dropping in.. It's going to be a high of 4 degrees here tonight, but we've been spared the massive snow. Thanks for dropping in and leaving your kind comments. Stay warm!

  11. Oh no...ICE....the worst. Blizzard heading our way.
    Joyce M

  12. For sure ice is the worst...we have a light dusting now, but everything is shut down here in anticipation for tomorrow...stay safe....Cleo

  13. Hi Lynn -- love the icicle pictures and the "snowmobile picture. Was the poem original? It made me laugh! It is supposed to be going to the negatives tonight here, but no snow for over a month. Joni

  14. OH, that car! They must have sprayed that one to create that masterpiece. I am doing an icy table tomorrow, but at least mine will be inside a warm house. We are having bitter bitter cold today and tonight, I can feel the draft off the window and the house is struggling to not be chilly! How would you like to live in a teepee or a pioneer log home in this?!!

  15. Yikes! We have had ice all day and night, but the temp hovered around 32 so, it is only 1/2 inch. The wind has been knocking a lot of it off. It sound wonderful pelting the house (like a gallatin gun out of a John Wayne movie) and now the wind in howling. yuck.

  16. I'm freaked out by the picture of that car!

  17. Today on tv news here in Italy I watched about North WEST USa weather.... please don't go out...stay warm...and hope spring is going to come soon!!!Hugs, Flavia

  18. Whoa!...I'm hoping that since the groundhog did not see it's shadow, that we all have an early spring.

  19. Thank goodness we escaped more snow today but the storm brought us lots of icy rain....it's still better than more snow!

    Your poem made me smile!:D

  20. That car is quite a popsicle. I hope your power stays on for the rest of the storm.

  21. It sure does look like Mother Nature is on a rampage at the moment. We have been hit with a massive cyclone in our state and you guys are having blizzards....very scary stuff!

    Stay warm and best wishes always,

  22. We don't have snow very often in Tucson, but we did when I lived in Chicago! Glad I'm not there now!
    I love your poem!!

  23. I grew up in the Philly area and remember those horrible ice storms...

    Out here we have fluffy snow...feet and feet of it!

  24. Ice storms are much worse than snowstorms! Take care!

  25. I'm glad you guys caught a break this time. You certainly deserve a break from winter weather. I hope the rest of your week is uneventful. La

  26. I feel for all of you in the NE! That poor car looks like it's permanently frozen. Hope you stay warm :-)

  27. Snow I can handle. It is the ice that really scares me. It is so hard to walk across and so dangerous to drive on.

  28. Glad you dodged the worst of it. Stay in and stay warm... hopefully spring is just around the corner.

  29. That frozen car, can you still drive it? It looks like my dad's first car, a fiat 1100. I have been looking for it.

  30. It's almost too difficult to wrap my mind around...the shear magnitude of this current blizzard. Praying for all my stranded friends...Stay safe, warm and dry!

  31. Those icicles look pretty scary to me! Imagine if one fell while you were walking by! Ice is definitely more scary than snow, especially since it's a lot more slippery and hard when you slip and fall on it. Stay warm and I hope that the weather begins to warm up for you soon!

  32. Enough already!!!
    Happy Alphabe-Thursday

  33. Boy, am I glad not to be in weather like that!


    PS. Loved the verse.

  34. That weather is really insane. We actually had ice here in Arizona

    Thanks for a lovely chilly link to Alphabe-Thursday's letter "Q".

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful poem.


  35. Yikes! Those look like daggers and I had to look and re-look and look again at that car! BRRRRR!

    Stay warm!

    Blessings & Aloha!

  36. I'll be happy if I never see snow/ice like that again! We used to live near Valley Forge, while there was snow every winter, we always thought it was picture-postcard pretty.


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