Monday, January 31, 2011

I ♥ My Favorite Kitchen Gadget Party!

Hey everyone! It's February and the weather here in Philly has been... challenging. I think I have cabin fever, how about you? Thought we'd shake things up a bit with a party!

I My Favorite Kitchen Gadget Party!
You know I love my kitchen toys... er, tools:@)
and every cook has her/his favorites...
Let's hear about yours! 
Functional, fun or sentimental, antique or brand new
anything from Granny's rolling pin to your shiny new pasta maker! 
Share the item or something you made with it.

We'll have this on Valentine's Day and I'll show a little bloggy love by giving away 
my current favorite toy the Cupcake Corer from Williams-Sonoma!
All you have to do is link up to be entered in the drawing!

I might even make cupcakes for the occasion:@)
I'd appreciate it if you'd post this on your sidebar to help spread the word!
Linky will be up Sunday night, February 13th-Hope to see you there!


  1. I'll be there with my apron on. :o) La

  2. I'll be there! I love kitchen gadgets! Fun party!

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  4. I can't wait. I'll be there because I love gadget parties. Thanks for hosting!

  5. Sounds like a great idea! I'm not very handy in the kitchen but I'm sure I can find one thing I can't live without!!

  6. WOOOOO HOOOOO....I can't wait. And, I have a
    BRAND NEW KITCHEN TOY from CSN to share with all your party goers...and i'll have FOOD, too.
    Yipee...I do love me a good PARTY.
    xo bj

  7. This will be so much fun! I will post this party on my sidebar! Great idea!!

  8. Me and my fav gadget will be there with bells on! I am such a sucker for gadgets. I love em all! Now to pick just one! Oh lawdy! What will I choose?! This is harder than deciding what to wear!

  9. You are a super party hostess. I'll hope to join in, though I'm not often in the kitchen. ;-)
    ~ Sarah

  10. Sounds like fun to me!

  11. How fun Lynn,
    let me dust the flour all my olden things and I'll be there..I'll take your button to my blog also..Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  12. Wow....wonderful!!Hugs, Flavia

  13. I just thrifted some miniature kitchen gadgets this weekend! Any excuse to party.

    Stay safe in Snowtastrophy , another round.

  14. Sounds fun! I'll be there again if I can make it. Might be a little tricky since I'm not a big cooking fan. LOL! Posting this on my sidebar too. I love these types of random parties!

  15. Ohhhh --- being that I'm the gadget queen, I'll be there with my tiara on.. :)

  16. I love all my kitchen gadgets and have to think about which ones are my favorites. I saw the cupcake corer at WS and would love to have one.

  17. Sounds like fun, Lynn! I will have to give this some serious thought since I avoid the kitchen at all costs. ;-) Or let me put it this way, I am the auto chef! LOL!


    Sheila :-)

  18. Lynn,
    Do you know I've been thinking about that cupcake corer since your post?
    Sounds fun!

  19. Great idea. I suppose it should be a gadget that I actually use though and not just one that looks pretty on the counter. I will be there.

  20. OH, how would I ever pick! I love so many things and keep buying new ones! Hmmmmm! Ok, I will think on it, but maybe I will have to have more than one. I will put it on my sidebar!

  21. Sounds like fun! I'm planning to join you!


  22. sounds fun, I'm a lover of gadgets myself. My husband thinks I need help, I'm just glad there are others just like me out there!! BTW I'm going to start following you now.

  23. This sounds like SO MUCH FUN!!! I've posted it on my sidebar for everyone to see!!!
    SO many favorite gadgets and SO little time to organize!!!

  24. I would L♥ve to be entered. Thanks for sharing this wonderful little tool! Since I just saw your delicious chocolate cupcakes on Foodie Friday...I was thinking how delicious lemon curd would be in a center of a moist Lemon cupcake! Oh, the possibilitie:)

  25. Definitely joining in with this party, but the dilemma is just which gadget to choose.
    Oh! Decisions, decisions!

  26. oh what a fun idea!!! I am a kitchen gadget girl for sure

  27. This sounds like fun Lynn as I do love my kitchen toys.

  28. Sounds like a lot of fun.....I believe i'll be there! :)

  29. I know your party will be great! I'll have to come back for the fun and inspiration! Hope you have a great rest of the week and a very happy Valentine's Day!


  30. I will be there. I have to decide which one.....



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