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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Deck the Halls with Vintage Balls!

Hi everyone! I'm joining Deck the Halls and It's A Wonderful Life parties with a small post today. I'd like to share my G-Mom-B's "big" Christmas balls. I had to use the flash so the pics are a little harsh.
 I can't remember a time that these balls weren't a part of our Christmas.
(So they're about 50 years old... not that I am, we're just talking about the balls:@)
They are 3 1/2" wide, but these days I chuckle at the way my family always referred to them as 
"the BIG Christmas balls", I have some newer ones that are at least 6"! 
(See the red and green one to the left in the next pic?)
As with most vintage items, they've seen better days.
But I look forward to bringing them out each year and they are still beautiful to me!
One more thing to love, my son has already mentioned that he would like them next!
Have a happy day:@)


  1. We like those Big Christmas Balls in CowTown! Yep, Texas is famous for them! LOL! Seriously, the vintage ones you have are very special, and look beautiful on your tree. Neat that your son appreciates them, too. Thanks for your visits. Hope your Holidays are Happy!

  2. Oh how wonderful! I've been decking the halls this weekend as well. Love seeing what everyone's doing.

  3. How nice that your son will continue the family's tradition of using the "BIG Chritmas balls!"

  4. They are vintage goodness and cool that your son wants them.

  5. Those are the best decorations - the ones with special memories attached! Cathy

  6. Looks wonderful, Lynn! Love those big ole balls.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  7. Lynn, I love the balls! Wonderful, beautiful!

  8. Love the balls! I wish I had some of my family's Christmas ornaments - maybe my mom will pass them to me? Enjoy your Christmas season!

  9. Looking Good over at your place. Every one needs "Big Christmas Balls", glad you got yours. LOL. I am not quite ready for a tour, but I am working on it. I always love what your have going on. I'll be back. Merry Christmas, Ginger

  10. You are sooo blessed to still have these vintage treasures! They're BEAUTIFUL!!
    My husband tells me about the ones his mother had but they have disappeared after her death. :( He stills has his memories of them but, oh, do I wish I could hang them up for him.

  11. It is hard to find vintage ones that big. Tinsel! love tinsel... we always had tinsel on our trees growing up. What a mess taking the tree down though.

  12. I love vintage ornaments. My dad has some that are over 80 years old! They are worn and fragile but I hold them close to my heart. Yours are simply beautiful!


  13. Very pretty! I love older christmas ornaments. Isn't it really wonderful how much joy a simple ornament can bring? I hope your son does get them and keep them too eventually, (atleast one of them). I like the one with multi colored squares the most, but they are all very nice.

  14. Hello Lynn,
    nothing is sweeter than things with a lot of memories. The ornaments are great.
    I have a surprise for you and Mr. Pudge. Look here:
    You will love it.
    Greetings, Johanna

  15. I love vintage balls...but when I was a child (and the balls were still vintage ones!!!!) i broke a lot of the...I know there are few somewhere, but my mum ....doesn't remembere where she put them after moving!!!! Have a great day, blessings, Flavia

  16. Lynn,
    I love these! It reminds me of my grandma's tree. I loved all of the times I remember Christmas and these vintage ornaments. Such good memories.

  17. I love all of your vintage balls. They always make a tree so special. Hugs, Marty

  18. I love them, Lynn. For me, Christmas is all about tradition. I have some old ornaments (some made by the kids) that are looking a little rough, but I'll never part with them.

    Your tree looks great. La

  19. Wonderful family treasures! They must be very meaningful if you son has already requested them.

  20. Beautiful treasures you have there. It's fun when something we have is treasured enough to be requested! Merry Christmas

  21. My dad was a collector of the glass ornaments. The good ones he would hand out personally as we decorated the tree. Each year would bring at least one or two more ornate ornaments. Yours are so pretty! Joni

  22. Lynn, itis the ones we bring out year after year that are filled with sweet memories.
    I have but just one thing from my childhood tree. I wish I had rescued some of the ornaments before they disappeared. :-)

    Have a great week! ~ Sarah

  23. I just loved seeing these. We had some of the huge ones too. I don't know who ended up with them. Maybe none of them survived. My parents had to store them in the hot attic during the summer and freezing during the winter and it was hard on the glass ornaments. This post brought back wonderful memories of my wonderful life!

  24. Love the tree. The holiday season is soooo great. The stained glass is beautiful. Thank you so much for visiting My Cozy Corner

  25. What beautiful ornaments! I love family pieces.

  26. Your ornaments remind me of our trees..the one we decorate now and the one of my childhood. Love the antique ornaments. What a talent you have. The stained glass is beautiful. Thanks for visiting my blog.


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