Thursday, March 18, 2010

Went Junking Today!

The weather in Philly has been great the last couple of days! I took today off and Ma and I went to my favorite flea market in Columbus, New Jersey. While there weren't as many vendors as usual, it was really fun and a great way to spend a few hours this morning!

I love the Christmas items I picked up the most.

One was a Santa holding a sign that says "Happy New Year", you don't usually see the two holidays overlapping like that. This was one part of a salt and pepper shaker, I'd love to have the other half too, but it is really cute!

The second item is a set of angel candle huggers, there were three, but one had a broken wing so I left it behind. Their dress and wings are mother of pearl. My Grandmom had huggers, and these bring back many memories. This vendor had the greatest vintage Christmas items but unfortunately did not realize it... so many fun things were broken, crushed or destroyed - such a shame!

One vendor was yelling "any pig on the table one dollar"... So, I may have picked up a pig or two, maybe they'll show up in future posts...

I hope you had as much fun today as I did!

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