Friday, June 15, 2018

*Houston*... We have zucchini!

My planters are starting to grow and the first zucchini are getting big! Sounds like Shish-Ka-Bob season is about to start:@)
Goldbar Squash, aka Yellow Zucchini
From Specialty Produce: Gold Bar squash is a long, slim summer squash aptly named for its bright, golden yellow skin. Its exterior is shiny and smooth, oftentimes with subtle pale yellow striping running the length of the squash. The ends of the squash are capped with bright green at both its blossom end and stem. Its interior flesh is creamy white with a firm yet succulent texture and moist seed cavity. Its thin skin is tender and need not be removed prior to consumption particularly since most of the squash's nutrients are located in it. Its flavor is nutty, grassy and subtly sweet both when raw and when cooked. 

Happy Weekend Everyone:@)


  1. Hi Lynn, I chuckled at your title. ;) I love the blossoms and have always wanted to try stuffing them!

  2. yeah! Fire up the grill!
    I keep staring at this Darn Good baked Beans photos to my left ~ It's to early for me to be hungry but they look darn good.

    Have a great weekend.

  3. I'm like Mary, and love your post's title, Lynn! I just made shish ka bobs for dinner tonight, but didn't have any zucchini. You'll be fixing some soon, it looks like. The yellow zucchini look so pretty. I'd be making some zucchini bread, too.
    Happy weekend!!

  4. Love your baby! Can't wait to start my summer menu including shish kabobs and those darned good beans :-)

  5. Love your blog! Love the post´s title too :)
    Warm hug from Titti

  6. I'm jealous!! Great looking yellow zucchini. Will have to look into that variety!

  7. Yes, perfect to add to kebabs. And the color is amazing!


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