Wednesday, November 8, 2017

On The Wentz Wagon Ornament and Bigger Philadelphia Eagles Tree

It truly does feel like a special year for the Philadelphia Eagles and the Philly Faithful are enjoying every minute of it! I found this cute NFL wagon ornament at Rally House and had some fun with a little bead embellishing...

We here at Pig In Mud are true believers and officially On The Wentz Wagon! 

A big year = a bigger football tree:@) 
Ma treated me to the fun team Elf on a Shelf, he makes the perfect tree topper-thanks Ma!

A letter dice game was headed to the thrift store and then I wondered if I could make football word ornaments... 
I ended up with seven! Love this easy trash to treasure idea.

And while the boys may have rolled their eyes at the thought of ~yet another~ Christmas tree, here's my theory: You know how guys say "the right tool for the job", well I say "the right tree for the occasion"... See, it makes perfect sense:@) This 4' skinny tinsel tree is at Walmart this year.

One last pic...

Oh and, I'm not saying I'm superstitious or anything... 
But I won't be putting this tree away for Christmas,
I'll carefully carry it to an end table and leave it in the livingroom. 
Don't want to upset the mojo:@)

Have a happy day and... Go Iggles!!!


  1. Laughing at the "eye roll"... I get that often. I love your tree and how excited you get about your Eagles.

  2. How cute everything is! We don't root for the same team....but we both love a good football game! Love that little pixie!

  3. We also have a sports tree, representing all of my husband's favorite teams!!....and putting it up is probably the only time I don't get the "eye roll"

  4. This tree is so cute! I may have to get a small tree for my spare room this year. I already do two bigger trees and a kitchen tree. My fingers are crossed that you favorite team does well this year!

  5. Go Eagles! The new ornament is adorable, and I certainly didn't know the elf had team affiliations! Brilliant on the football word tiles! Yes, definitely keep it up thru Super Bowl!


    1. A lot of folks agree with you! Thanks for stopping by:@)

  7. Oh how cute your tree is, Lynn!! I love that you made seven ornaments from the dice game that you were going to donate. Your elf looks perfect on the top!

  8. I'll be rooting for the Eagles this year as our teams are so beat up, there's not a chance they're going anywhere!

  9. Oh so cute and I love your team spirit Lynn. That skinny tinsel tree makes me want to run out to Walmart and I love your creativiy and trash-to-treasure tile letter ornaments :)


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