Saturday, December 31, 2016

Went Junkin' for Christmas Items-yep again:@)

I hit my favorite thrift store on New Year's Eve and found Christmas items marked down 75%-I like that:@) Everything here cost a total of $1.37... I bring some snowmen out after I take the Christmas decorations down, so this Hallmark snowman tea light holder was perfect, he's a cutie! It's three pieces and each holds a tealight (not sure about why), but it was new in package/never used, 4.5" high and 3.75" wide.

I got a kick out of this Campbell's promotional ornament with fun snowman scene, it will hang on my baker's rack while the snowmen are out.

A bonus(?), it came with the green bean casserole recipe and a tomato soup spice cake recipe on the box! 
While I can say I do make the green beans at Thanksgiving... I'm not sure how I feel about the cake.

Also saw this kitschy kid/snowman scene, I bought it mostly because I know someone took the time to hand paint the ceramic piece... 
And I'm a sucker for glitter:@)

Two fun napkins, I have a weakness for napkins...
A colorful winter scene.

All in all, this was a fun Christmas at the thrift stores. 
Here's hoping 2017 is full of great finds too:@)


  1. I think I might be able to explain the snowman.

    Is the top hat just an open bowl? No hole for the light to shine out?

    If so, I think the tea light goes in the middle and you put water and spices or potpourri in the top and it is a diffuser for scenting the room. I have a few of them and I think one is a snowman like yours. That's why there are no holes in the front for the light to shine out.

    Of course, if there are no holes at all, not even in the back, then it's just a stacking candy dish. I think I have one of those too.

    1. Thanks for the great ideas! This was NIB and even came with a tea light in each section so I guess Hallmark thought folks could break it into three individual candle holders if they wanted to... That just seems silly to me. But I like him as is:@) Happy New Year!

  2. Cute snowman and I love a great bargain any time of year!

  3. I have a friend that used to have a blog called tomato soup cake! lol! and she makes tomato soup cakes for christmas! lol!
    happy New Year!

  4. Lynne, these are adorable. Love the winter scene on the napkins. Like you, my snowpeople stay out for January. ;-)
    Happy New Year and all the best for 2017!

  5. The napkins are can never have enough of those! Happy new year!

  6. I'm like you, Lynn, and leave some wintry decor out for January. You sure found some great deals at your local thrift stores. I'm loving those pretty napkins and the glittery snowman piece. Happy 2017, filled with peace, health, happiness, and lots of good food!

  7. What cute finds! Love the kitschy napkins. Those tomato soup cakes were popular in the 70s. They're actually not bad, just taste like a spice cake. Happy New Year!

  8. Hi Lynn! I keep my snowmen out until mid-February when I just can't bear the sight of another snowflake and I start yearning for green shoots to pop out of the ground. Love the ornament and the sentiment on it! Do you remember when Campbell's was in Camden NJ just outside of Philly and they had a museum? I think they closed and sent the things to Winterthur and other places. My mom always loved those Campbell kids but I dreaded seeing the tomato soup can on the counter -- it's still the only soup I won't eat! Maybe in a cake it would be better! :) Even if your top hits are recipes I still love seeing the diversity of posts you manage to create so please continue! Happy New Year and thanks for all the chuckles! Linda

  9. Happy New Year Lynn! Love your thrifty finds, the tomato soup cake sounds just strange enough that it must be good :)

  10. What fun finds!! I'm with you about the cake---kind of curious, but I'll let someone else give it a try first :) Happy New Year!


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