Saturday, October 10, 2015

Saturday Snippets -Pig Alert and Pumpkins

While I know most folks are just starting to think about Halloween, in true retail fashion Walmart is putting out Christmas items... This little inflatable pig is just too cute, love the tail! Maybe Santa needs a new porky (portly?) sidekick:@)

Have you noticed how expensive pumpkin has gotten? And I hear they're calling for another shortage too... I found out Dollar Tree has canned pumpkin! I'm sure it's selling out fast as $1 a can is a great price, and with the expiration date in  2018... I'm stocking up:@)

It's a gorgeous fall weekend here in Philly, perfect for apple picking, hay rides and bonfires...
I hope it's beautiful where you are too! 

Have a happy day:@)


  1. still warm here, but heading towards dallas to meet up w/ friends and eat burgers and fries. love the pig. :)

  2. Did you buy the piggy? I'm sure Earl would like the company. Thanks for the heads up on the pumpkin at Dollar Tree. I'd better get some before it's gone. Also, did you make the pretty stained glass? It's so pretty!

    1. Yep, the Jack-O-Lantern was fun to make:@)

  3. Cute holiday pig! If we don't buy the holiday stuff when it hits the shelves then it's gone the next time. The drought in the growing areas will be felt longer than we can imagine. At least you are set for pumpkin recipes, yumm!

  4. The pig is too cute! I don't use pumpkin much (not a fan) but $1 a can is a great buy!!

  5. Hope you took that piggy home with you. Î'm a pumpkin pie maker but haven't made one yet this season.

  6. Its a beautiful weekend here too. I love October! Hey... love that stained glass pumpkin, where did you find that? and now that Ive seen the cans of pumpkin... Im wanting some pumpkin pie! lol!
    have a great day!

  7. I heard about the pumpkin shortage too. No shortage here in the mountains as far as I know, but the pumpkins were ready to pick early this year according to the owner of a nearby farm stand. Maybe that had something to do with it. Now I'm going to covet the can of puree I have on my shelf from last year...

  8. I think the pumpkin shortage is due to the short growing season in Illinois (the biggest pumpkin producer). Our farmers market had plenty of pumpkins on Saturday.


  9. Hi Lynn, I'm definitely a piggy when it comes to pumpkin pie! I think I'll stock up on some canned pumpkin today because I cannot have Thanksgiving without a pie and a few pumpkin breads! Linda

  10. Love love your stained glass pumpkin Lynn! And you must buy that pig, too cute!! There certainly doesn't seem to be a pumpkin shortage to me, I've seen more this year than ever before~ but you can't be $1 a can, thanks for the tip!

  11. Cute pig Lynn, I hope you brought one home to deck the halls! I've noticed the price creeping up the Libby's, the Dollar Tree canned pumpkin is a real bargain, thanks for the tip :)

  12. You definitely need that pig! Thanks for the Dollar Tree pumpkin tip! It certainly was a fabulous weekend of amazing weather. Wish it could last a big longer!

  13. I'm a fan of the piggies and the pumpkin. ;)

  14. I hope you bought the pig! Thanks for the tip about the pumpkin puree! I may try making my own this year since nice-sized pie pumpkins were only a dollar at the farmers' market last week.

  15. I haven't seen the small cans of pumpkin anywhere! I guess I'll stock up on a few jumbo cans and make a triple batch of pumpkin bread :)


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