Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Sweet and Spicy Beef Kabobs -Outdoors or on the George Foreman Grill

These Sweet and Spicy Beef Kabobs are another good example of how nicely the George Foreman Grill can cook things and they were done in about 5 minutes! The recipe is from the Food Network Magazine, Sept 2014 issue and I did let the meat marinate for hours, it had lots of big flavor, garlic and soy being the most dominant (I used a garlic press). And in case you're wondering, while I noticed the sweet... The heat? Not so much. This is a nice robust marinade that's sure to bring compliments, I can see it becoming a summertime favorite!
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I'm not a fan of sriracha ~if you've been around Pig In Mud for a while, go ahead, insert hot sauce joke here:@) and used a Garlic Tabasco sauce, simply use whatever hot sauce you have. Also subbed red wine vinegar. This made a great dinner and the leftover meat was very nice thinly sliced on a salad.

Tip for the George Foreman Grill: It's best to try to keep everything cut to about the same size, around 1" square-ish. While I don't worry about that too much on outdoor grills, I do like for everything to be in contact with the plates on the George. And I do move things from the back to the front and turn them a few times.

Fire up the grill of your choice and have a happy day:@)


  1. YUM!! I need to live near you so I can stop by your house at just the right time every day... lol!
    have a great day

  2. I think a George Foreman might be just right for us in the new place. This looks delicious!!


  3. Lynn, oh my heavens, what delicious looking kabobs! I'm printing this recipe right now!
    Happy 4th!

  4. Sounds yummy to me and my son, Mike, is a huge fan of Sriarcha. I'd probably have to add extra for him. I'd love to make this soon, Lynn.

  5. Your kabobs have me drooling Lynn! We're fans of Sriarcha so we would definitely enjoy :)

  6. Ooh, these sound wonderful! I'd probably have to tone down the heat for Bill, but I'd love it as written!

  7. Yummo, hope you bring this over to the Food on Friday BBQ. Cheers from Carole's chatter

  8. We made these yesterday. Oh my. We skewered ribeye chunks with pineapple. hello!


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