Thursday, May 28, 2015

A Sports Themed (Philadelphia Eagles) Charm Bracelet

If you've been around Pig In Mud for a while you know I love football, well I'm starting a new collection... A Lucky Philadelphia Eagles Charm Bracelet! Emphasis on the "lucky" please... I figure if I start gathering items now there will be lots of good mojo flowing by the beginning of the season:@) Anything goes as long as it's fun and reminds me of football!

I thought I'd get a plain bracelet and just start collecting random things, never dreamed I'd actually find an NFL charm bracelet that already came with two logo charms-LOVE IT! I found this at a store called Rally House, they have items for all teams, pro and college.

Then I stopped at the craft stores...
The cheerleader earrings are hilarious and easily added to the bracelet with jump rings. Little crystals add some bling.

A fun football... yep more bling:@)

And um... one of these couldn't hurt for luck...

I look forward to adding to it with team colored crystals and assorted charms. 
I'm truly tickled with this new obsession fun idea and will post updates!

Have a happy day:@)


  1. I'm going to have to make a Packer version for my daughter---she'll be thrilled (her bday is in Sept, so the timing will be perfect).

  2. Your bracelet will be fun to add lots of additions. I hope it brings good luck to the Eagles #1 fan!!!!!

  3. How cute is THAT! I love it....well except I might have to change the team to a southern team! hahaha! I love charm bracelets and this is a very cute idea! Have fun! I'm off to look at the link you gave! Hugs, Diane

  4. That is perfect for you and your football lovin self. Cute!

  5. It's totally perfect for you! Great minds think alike. My husband gave me a few more charms for my birthday and had my charm bracelet cleaned. I'll have to share it on the blog.

  6. Oh goodness, how incredibly fun Lynn! Those cheerleader earrings are hilarious! You are going to be all set come football season, sporting all that bling!

  7. Lynn, Hilarious!! I had to examine every charm -- are those Eagle feathers with the blue stone? I love it!! And your footballs look like they are fully inflated. :) Linda

    1. Even better, it's a black stone! I'll be adding some green crystal bling to that soon:@)

  8. Love your bracelet Lynn, those cheerleaders are too fun! I had to chuckle at Linda's comment about the football being fully inflated :)

  9. What a fun way to support your favorite team. I love the idea of a charm bracelet, especially with the big of bling you added. There has to be lots of good mojo in all those charms.


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