Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Salt Dough Ornaments Using Impression Cookie Cutters

I'm always looking for new ornaments and when I brought my feather tree out for Valentine's Day stopped by all the usual stores, but didn't find anything. So that meant I'd have to make something on my own:@) Salt Dough Ornaments are a quick and easy craft that's been around forever, the fun twist on it is using the impression cookie cutters that are out today. Since salt dough is just flour, salt and water you can still safely use the cookie cutters for cookies too, whereas working with clay requires dedicated cutters.
  Because I'm frugal er, resourceful, I used some old nail polish to paint the ornaments. 
Use whatever you'd like or have to decorate them.

And my absolute favorite idea for dough or clay is making these baby footprint ornaments HERE.
A friend (first time Grandma) surprised her family at Christmas with them this year and there were tears of joy!
Salt Dough
1 part flour
1/2 part table salt
1/2 part water-you won't need all of the water
  1. Mix flour and salt and slowly start adding water. Keep mixing well until the dough just starts to come together. There's a nice picture tutorial HERE.
  2. Roll out to desired thickness, cut out with cookie cutters and use the plunger to add detail to the ornaments.
  3. Place ornaments on non-stick cookie sheet or parchment paper and either dry in the lowest setting of your oven for 3-4 hours or let sit out at room temperature for a few days.
  4. Paint or decorate as desired.
Make something fun and have a happy day:@)


  1. Aren't those cute, Lynn?! I smiled at Earl's special valentine ornament. Thanks for your inspiration as I haven't made these in years.

  2. the baby's foot is truly adorable. but i love earl's heart. :) you're so cute.

  3. These are SO cute. Thank you for posting this.

  4. Those are so cute. I remember making that recipe when my boys were little. We sure had fun 'creating'! Hugs!

  5. I'm glad to see "Earl's" ornament. You haven't mentioned him in so long that I was afraid you......oh, I can't even think about it!! =)


  6. How fun. I've never worked with salt dough. And Earl got his very own!

  7. Lynn, these are so cute but the baby foot ornament is precious! Wish I'd done that with Tiger!

  8. I have not made salt dough for a while. Love your makes, but the baby footprint is so sweet.

  9. Thanks Lynn! I have wanted to try this forever! You are so resourceful, I would have never thought of using nail polish!! They are adorable!! Earl must be very excited to have his own heart ornament for Valentines Day!

  10. It's been a long time ago since I made things with salt dough, I had kind of forgotten about it! Great ornaments Lynn, especially the one for Earl :-)! xx

  11. So pretty! Hope Earl appreciates his personalized one. :)

  12. Oh so fun Lynn! I love that Earl has a Valentine ornament :) The baby footprint is too sweet, what an adorable gift.

  13. What a fun idea! Josie would love doing this! I haven't messed around with salt dough in years. That baby footprint is the sweetest idea too.

  14. So cute, Lynn! Love the baby footprint - what an awesome baby gift!

  15. All of the ornaments are adorable! What a fun baby ornament. You are always creating something so adorable!

  16. These are great! I'm gonna send this recipe to nanny daughter.. she'll love doing this with the kids.
    Have a great Thursday!!!!

  17. They are so cute, Lynn, and I love the idea of the baby foot ornament! I haven't thought about salt dough ornaments in years. I remember having a few of them on our tree when we were newlyweds :) I think they finally fell apart when they were stored in the attic.

  18. The foot ornaments are adorable.
    We are having snow here...really wet and melting a lot....

  19. So fun! And I love that idea of making baby footprint ornaments :)

  20. You're so talented and resourceful too. I would have never thought to use old nail polish. Love the baby footprint.


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