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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

What Southern Festival Queen Are You?

Summer is the season for fairs and festivals! Southern Living sent a cute e-mail quiz that will tell you what Southern Festival Queen you are by picking your favorite celebrities and a color. You can take this fun little six question quiz HERE.
The sashes might be hard to read, the choices are: Crawfish Queen, Miss Georgia Peach, 
Absolutely No Idea What This Says Queen (I'm told it's Rattlesnake Rodeo Queen:@), Miss Biscuit, Miss Sea & Sand and Miss Vidalia Onion.

Well butter my buns and call me Miss Biscuit! Apparently I'm:
You're a buttery thing who loves to jam. 

Let us know which tiara you'll be wearing! 
If anyone gets the third one, please let me know what it says...
Oh, and do I have to tell you which Muppet I voted for???

Have a happy day:@)


  1. 'rattlesnake rodeo queen' i think it says. off to take my quiz. :)

  2. Miss Vidalia Onion!

    You're a multitalented thing with lots of layers. Expect nothing but tears of joy when you slice away your competition at this pageant in Vidalia, GA.

  3. I already know that I'm a Pure Southern Belle transplanted to the midwest where I sparkle!!


  4. Miss Biscuit for me! Wonder how they decided that?!!! I do love biscuits. :)

  5. You have been crowned
    Crawfish Queen!

    You're a tasty thing who knows how to handle a mudbug. Sample the spicy goodness and enter the pageant in Breaux Bridge, LA.
    Excuse me but I don't even LIKE fish or crawfish or anything that comes out of the water. I wanna be Biscuit Queen....:( *pouting

    1. Don't fret BJ, I'll let you borrow my crown and sash:@)

    2. OH MY! We crown thee Miss Biscuit...Miss BJ! HUGS!

  6. I think the Rattlesnake Rodeo Queen may well be from my part of the country!

  7. Hi Lynn, I'm "a cool, breezy thing with a sunny disposition" ~~ Miss Sea and Sand! Of course I had to randomly click on a few of those choices as I'm not up on my "friends" or "90210" cast! :) Grace Kelly and the hot pink were definitely easy choices for me, though! Linda

  8. The funniest thing about this post is that I actually live a stone's throw from at least TWO of them, and they are real queens. The Rattlesnake one used to be called Miss Rattlesnake ROUND UP. I don't know if that's what the sash says because my eyes are shot. In the next town over, they have an annual rattlesnake round up. I have been a few time, and that was a few times too many. The next town after that is Vidalia. Southern pageants make me giggle. Now, I need to see which queen I am.

  9. ... and I'm Miss Vidalia Onion!

  10. I'm Miss Georgia Peach. That's okay with me,because the very best peaches come from Georgia and we don't live far from the Georgia line.

  11. Fun quiz Lynn, I hadn't seen it! I was crowned Miss Vidalia Onion, crying tears of joy :)

  12. Miss Sea & Sand...
    I'm a cool, breezy thing with a sunny disposition.
    Hmmm...I feel more like a hot sweaty thing with a soggy disposition. haha
    The humidity is so bad that water is running down the windows like it's rained. It has not.
    Fun quiz!

  13. I am Miss Vidalia Onion, which is very fitting because vidalias are in just about everything I make! That was fun Lynn, I let my subscription lapse so missed this~just renewed, thanks for reminding me!

  14. What fun! I am the Crawfish Queen! I will take that! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  15. This quiz was so fun! Thanks for sharing. I got Miss Sea & Sand. I'll take that since I live on the Texas Gulf Coast and enjoy the beach. My 4 yr. old got Miss Biscuit! Lots of fun :)

  16. I took this quiz on Facebook and got Miss Sea & Sand! not a real beachgoer but I'll take it.

  17. I'm a Biscuit Queen also!! This made me laugh!

  18. That 3rd one says Rattlesnake Rodeo Queen! Be right back to tell you which one I am! lol HUGS!

  19. Here's mine....You have been crowned Miss Georgia Peach!

    You're a sweet, blushing thing who won't be picked before she's ready.

    How funny! I'm Queen for the day! YAY!!! Southern HUGS, Diane

  20. You are so funny, Lynn. I know you are fun to be around. Love all the comments.

  21. Well, what'd ya know, I'm a Crawfish Queen! That was fun, Lynn. Hope you're having a good week.

  22. Yep, I'm a Rattlesnake Rodeo Queen!


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