Thursday, July 10, 2014

Vacationland USA Tablecloth

I love vintage tablecloths but rarely find them at yard sales and flea markets. In nosing around Ebay I saw one called Vacationland with a map of the United States and fun graphics from each region. I decided to treat myself to a reproduction of that print, it's the perfect tablecloth for summer! Let's take a road trip from east to west (via north to south... not the most economical route:@)
*Warning: Lots of pics so you could see all of it...

 Totally lovin' the lobster! Lobstah?

The guitar for Nashville is fun...

 Look at the alligator! (Fun on the tablecloth, not so much in person:@)

 Back up north... great canoe!

 Lovin' the river boat.

 Mt. Rushmore...

Don't they say when the cows are laying down it's going to rain? 

 It's almost like Texas has it's own pic!

 Some good eats in the northwest!

 And some fun vacation spots out west.

 Love the dancing girl! 


 The Jersey Shore and Outer Banks-perfect!


 Did they do a good job of representing your state?
This Philly Girl loves that they added the Liberty Bell!
Where ever you live have a happy day:@)


  1. Lynn, what a great tablecloth! Niagara Falls is a great place to visit in NY :-)

    I made your twice baked potatoes on the grill last evening and we enjoyed them.

  2. How cool. From the Maine lobsters to the flamingo and and the steamboats on the Mississippi, I'm loving this.I wonder how many families used this in deciding where their next vacation will be. I can just see a little kid at the dinner table pointing to the Indian Chief in Montana and wanting to go there next.

  3. Love the tablecloth Lynn! What fun! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  4. That is a wonderful tablecloth! Love from Texas! Are there real otters in the otter banks? Tee hee. Made me smile!

    1. Do I have to tell you how many times I re-read a post looking for bloopers before it goes up??? Let's make that "outer banks":@)

  5. I've never seen a tablecloth with all the states represented. It is great! I just heard for the first time the saying about cows laying down meaning rain and here it is again.

  6. I love it! There is a business that does vintage-style pillows, dish towels and drinking glasses for the states and some of the larger cities. They are very expensive though.


  7. LOVE the tablecloth Lynn, what a fun treat :)

  8. What a great tablecloth, Lynn, and some wonderful geography lessons, too. The tablecloth itself is a fun conversation piece. I think that was a great treat for you!

  9. wisconsin gets a wheel o' cheese. :D

  10. This is so much fun! I see an alligator where I live! heehee! No wonder that's what people think of when they think of central Florida! I love this! I'm going to look again! lol Hugs!

  11. That really is a treasure. Don't spill any grape juice on it!

  12. I love the tablecloth! Thanks for the great pictures!

  13. Lynn, I am wild about your tablecloth even though they don't seem to think there is anything worth mentioning in CT!! :) We are used to being sandwiched in between Boston and NYC so it's ok. I'll vouch for the Maine lobstahs and the NH/VT foliage. You will have so much fun with this! Linda

  14. What a great find, Lynn! We had neighbors in FL who had 2 pillows, very similar, depicting their home state of MI as well as FL. I always thought they were so cute! Very nostalgic, too.

  15. That's different.

  16. What a fantastic find! Thanks for all the great photos.

  17. Lynn, Love this tablecloth! What a fun piece to own! Love all the pics!

  18. That is very cool, Lynn. I love it! Thanks for sharing it with us.

  19. It was worth every penny. What a fantastic tablecloth. I smiled when I saw the ice skating pair near the state of michigan. My backyard ice rink would approve. I loved every single picture. What fun!!

  20. Talk about a conversation starter, love this tablecloth!

  21. This is so much fun!! You won't be able to put anything on your table because everyone will want to look at it! I am so disappointed the artist put NOTHING in Alabama, we have lots of good stuff! A pig would have been perfect, pork is a staple around here!

  22. Well, I just had the best time scrolling through many of your posts that I have missed. From this cute vacation vintage tablecloth through the many yummy recipes you have shared and even some adorable crochet as well! So good to stop by!

  23. I love vintage tableclothes too..and they did a good job depicting California. Even mentioned out giant redwoods..(I've planted two in my front yard and surprisingly they are thriving. I was hoping.and they did! Even got the movie camera in there...Yep..didn't see Disneyland..but I bet it wasn't there back then.
    Great find. I do a lot of wandering through ebay. I have found wonderful handbags at really good prices. Not as good as garage sales..but..garage sales are sort of like gambling.
    Maybe this week..and maybe not. Ebay is great to find a specific item quickly.
    Enjoyed this post.
    :) Mona

  24. This is just too much fun! I can just see a family sitting around the table and pointing to all of the different states! I love anything retro for the kitchen, and yes, as you said, they are getting harder to find! Cherish your treasures!

  25. Great retro cloth! No, all they have for NY is the ESB. We are so much more! :)

  26. Great find, Lynn; I love this tablecloth!! I saw several similar tablecloths when I was looking for mine on e-bay, but I don't recall seeing one with all 50 states like this. So fun and very retro! :-D


    Denise at Forest Manor



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