Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Planter Update, Ooops and um... Earl...

By the time July comes around the garden usually takes off and begins to provide goodies. My planter is doing well and I've picked a couple little tomatoes and a cucumber so far! There are also a couple jalapenos (at the bottom) and the pole beans are blooming. I've really enjoyed this little planter this year, it's so easy to keep watered with nothing more than a bucket and there have been very few weeds.
Little treats are hiding places...
And things are coloring up nicely...

As for the Oooops, imagine my shock and horror in waking up to find this... 
 My tomato plant fell over! 
Note to self: Even if you buy patio or container plants always stake them and tie them up! 

As we're headed into the 4th of July Weekend there's the possibility of some heavy rain here on the east coast. Earl decided he wasn't having any of it, packed up his Speedo and headed west...
We hope you've found a fun way to relax too!

Have a happy day:@)


  1. Your garden is yielding some promising results. We are still waiting, but July should be the month where things start to appear.

    Mersad Donko Photography

  2. Hi. What a great idea and I am sure you will get more and more from the planter.

  3. Glad you've enjoyed the planter. Tomatoes do get pretty heavy. Have fun Earl and I hope you miss all of the rain.

  4. I am now a container gardener but only for 2 weeks now so I don't have anything nice like that planted yet.
    Question though...what are the plastic forks for? Keeping out slugs & snails?

    1. Howdy! They're more for the birds and squirrels, seemed to work pretty well:@)

  5. Lynn, I am in love with your plants! WOW! So pretty. I have a small container going with one tomato plant and 3 herbs. It is coming along great but I want it to look like yours now! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  6. We're praying for rain out here! Have a great weekend...

  7. Look at that flamingo! I love it! You could bring it down to FL and fit right in! haha! Enjoy your holiday week my friend! Hugs!

  8. glad your planter is paying off! just laughed out loud at EARL!!!

  9. We wil have our arm floaties on and be in the pool celebrating the 4th. You go, Earl!!

  10. Love your planter garden! That's what I should do! I'm going to join Earl!

  11. Earl is too cool in his pool! You have more bounty in that one pot than I have in my whole garden! The rabbits keep eating the squash blossoms and something else is eating the herbs, we do have a couple of lonely peppers and some green tomatoes :)

  12. No tomatoes for me yet, but last night we had our first salad with this year's garden lettuce. I'm not good at growing a lot, bit I can do lettuce!

  13. Your garden is doing well

  14. That pot of yours is bursting with veggie goodness! Earl sure has the right idea and I'd love to see him in his speedo! Happy 4th to you!

  15. Your planter garden is amazing, Lynn!! I see that forktress in the first picture, lol. :-D It's great to see all those pretty little tomatoes on the vine. Gosh, I'm sorry your plant fell over; did you stake it up afterwards? Are those yellow blossoms summer squash? They're one of my very favorites. :)

    Earl, you are the man! As our son would say, "Earl is chillaxing." :-D Love that picture, Lynn!! I hope you have a Happy Fourth and a great weekend, my friend!


    Denise at Forest Manor

  16. Wow what a planter!!! Amazing how heavy they get. Wishing you and Earl a wonderful fourth!

  17. Earl has the right idea! Hope you have a terrific holiday!!!

  18. What a bounty you have in your pot Lynn! We're having storms tonight and then Arthur is unfortunately moving your way Friday, Earl has the right idea! Hope you enjoy some sunshine for the rest of your holiday weekend :) Happy 4th!

  19. Wonderful container gardening. I'm gonna try it next summer.
    We had rain yesterday, none predicted today, family coming this afternoon for cookout, swimming and fireworks tonight.
    Happy 4th and I wonder if Earl knows how to swim..?? I've heard of the doggie stroke...never heard of a pig stroke, tho. :)