Saturday, November 30, 2013

Holiday Plaid Lattice Top Pie

I was curious... Could I make a Holiday Plaid Lattice Top Pie using red and green sugar? As it turns out, yes, but with a few modifications for next time. The idea was to use a favorite pie crust, make slices for a lattice top and separate onto two pieces of wax paper. Dampen the crust a bit (I just put a little water on my finger) and sprinkle the slices liberally with colored sugar. I gently pushed the sugar down onto the crust too. Then proceed to weave a lattice top using red horizontally and green vertically-or vice versa:@)

  • I used a homemade shortening crust that gets baked at 400 degrees, as you can see some of the sugar did burn. I've used sugar on store bought dough before that bakes at 375 and it worked better.
  • I would also wrap the edge of the pie with tin foil to help the sugar/crust not get too dark.
  • And make extra crust so the top can be rolled out bigger and the lattice will cover more pie.
  • Did the extra sugar make it too sweet? I don't think so, the colored sugar probably didn't amount to a Tblsp total and I always cut back on the sugar in the pie itself. 
So there you have my first attempt at plaid pie folks,
while I'll keep working on the technique, I do think it's a fun idea!

Have a happy day:@)


  1. I'm Mad for Plaid Lynn and if a Plaid Pie Crust that doesn't put a smile on your face and tickle your taste buds I don't know what will! Too fun :)

  2. Cute as can be...and looks delicious, too. :)

  3. Best plaid pie ever! You get a blue ribbon for this adorable idea Lynn!

  4. So cute!! Could be adapted to any holiday colors! You're so creative. Have a great weekend..

  5. That looks like such fun - just the thing for the holidays.

  6. I think it looks fantastic!! I have to try this! :)


  7. What a cute cute idea! I appreciate the sugar burn tips!

  8. Super festive, super cute! I love your creativity, Lynn.

  9. Oh this is so cute and would be so much fun to take to a dinner party!!

  10. Does it taste as good as it looks.

  11. Oh yes, this is very fun and festive, Lynn! I can think of all sorts of possibilities and I sure could use a big piece of that pie right now. xo

  12. A plaid pie, well, I nevah! Great idea, Lynn!

  13. A great idea that I've never seen before.

  14. Wow! I can't imagine being able to weave it without all the sugar falling off. Takes talent!


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