Sunday, November 17, 2013

Ferrero Rocher Thanksgiving Turkeys

Seeing this candy reminded me that years ago I used to make Ferrero Rocher Turkeys for Thanksgiving place settings or little party favors. Actually, you could add a name tag either behind the head or hang it off the side of the tail too. They're adorable, easy to make and only take minutes to put together. So there's still plenty of time to whip some up for this Thanksgiving:@)
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I like these pretty wrapped candies for adults, substitute M&M's or Reese's Pieces for the kids.
Just wrap the tulle around the loose candies.
You can find 9" tulle circles in the craft stores and they come in different colors (gold is nice, I cut a circle from some blue/gray I had on hand).
I'm adding the 'ornaments' label because I think they'd be cute hanging on my Thanksgiving feather tree.
Couldn't ya just gobble them up!

You will need:
Ferrero Rocher Candy
9" Tulle circles-from the craft store
Brown or tan pipe cleaners, cut into 3" lengths-for the head and small pieces for closing tulle
Red felt-for the gobbly thingy...
Tan or gold felt-for beak
The smallest googly eyes, they're about 1/8"
  1. Place candy slightly off center on a piece of tulle.
  2. Gather the tulle up high towards the back end of the candy, so it looks like tail feathers.
  3. Wrap a small piece of pipe cleaner around the gathered tulle to close it (or if the pack of tulle comes with twist ties you could use them).
  4. Roll one end of the brown or tan pipe cleaner a couple times to resemble the head.
  5. Give the neck a slight bend and glue it to the front of the turkey.
  6. Glue small tan or gold triangle onto face for beak.
  7. Cut a small red squiggly piece of felt for the gobbly thingy and glue that under the head.
  8. Glue on the eyes-done in less than 5 minutes! 


  1. I have pinned this cutie! They'll be on my Thanksgiving table ;o)

  2. Oh these are SO cute - what a great and delicious idea!
    Mary x

  3. Oh so cute Lynn! I LOVE this idea and yes, I could gobble them up!

  4. Such an adorable little turkey! I need some of these.

  5. Hi lovely lady.
    This is so sweet for Thanksgiving to have one on each plate setting for dessert ~~ Thanks so much for sharing with us.

  6. What a terrific idea - they are so cute! sandie

  7. I know I'd be happy to receive one of those cute turkeys at a place setting! Kids would sure have fun helping with these, too. Thanks for the idea, Lynn.

  8. These are soooo cute! I just pinned it to my board.

  9. This is such a sweet idea! They will look so darling at everyone's place setting. I hope I can find brown pipe cleaners to make them

  10. These are so cute and clever!! LOVE it! Thanks so much for sharing! Pinned ;)

  11. These are adorable and I love that candy.

  12. That is the cutest thing I've ever seen! Those are my husbands favorite chocolates, I'd be so afraid he'd eat them all before I got to make them. Lol!

  13. Cute cute cute!!! Who wouldn't be thrilled with this turkey on their plate!

  14. Now this is just the cutest thing ever. Love it. Thanks tons for linking to Inspire Me. Hugs, Marty

  15. Way, way, cute! I love these Lynn and it's fun to find a new idea. Thanks so much!

  16. Oh, how cute! Thanks so much for linking up with me at #AThemedLinkup 32 for All Things Thanksgiving.


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