Saturday, October 5, 2013

Chenille and Honeycomb Pumpkin Head Ornaments

I have always loved Victorian Chenille Ornaments and decided to challenge myself to make a couple using only items already on hand. While not truly vintage looking I think they turned out cute and are a welcome addition to my Halloween tree! I loved the idea of the 3D honeycomb pumpkin heads, they are actually toothpicks Ma gave me:@) I only had white chenille and think I'll pick up a multi-color pack just in case I decide to make some more. One thing most traditional ornaments seemed to have in common was a little sparkly bling... So I couldn't leave that out! I'm calling these cuties "Punkin' Heads".
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I'm happy with the mischievous little boy, but the sweet little girl might need something in her other hand or arm... Maybe a Trick or Treat sign or a teeny tiny black cat.


  1. I don't happen to have anything on hand but I sure like that pair!


  2. You know I'm loving these little cuties! Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. Oh my goodness how cute can you get?! These are darling and so refreshingly original! As you would probably agree, most Halloween crafts these days are just rehashes of old ideas. I love making discoveries like these on a blog like yours!
    And thank you for the nice comment to me - you are so right! A paper shape ribbon garland would look great on a Halloween tree - which it just occurred to me - I need a Halloween tree!

  4. I cannot believe how cute these are and I want a Halloween tree! You are so clever. I haven't visited your lovely blog in some time but need to put you on my regular list. LOVE your yo yo pumpkins and want to give that a try. Thanks for the tutorial. Happy Fall!

  5. Since I don't have one crafty bone in my body, I don't think I'll be making these cute ornaments. But you've inspired me to dig out some of my Halloween decor :)

  6. Well, as usual Google won't let met comment on Blogger blogs from Chrome so I switched over to Firefox. Lynn, those are so, so cute. We don't even get trick-or-treaters where we live. If we did, those would look be wonderful hanging in my window. You have a Halloween tree. How fun.

  7. These are adorable Lynn! I hope you'll share a photo of your entire tree :)

  8. These ornaments are so cute and clever! Great idea!

    Navy Wifey Peters @ Submarine Sunday Link Party

  9. Very cute! another idea for my Fall / halloween tree!


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