Monday, July 8, 2013

Lemon Sesame Chicken Shish Kabobs

I wanted to make something with lemon and happened to see sesame oil in the fridge... have to say it was a very nice combination with chicken! There was just enough leftover for a chicken salad lunch today and that was great too. I also thought up a new slogan campaign for grilled Vidalia onions "the sweet that loves the heat will enhance any meat". Catchy-huh? Ok, maybe I won't quit the day job just yet:@)
I did have a thumbs down about this meal though: Have you ever noticed that carrots aren't a common grilling item? Yea well, seems there's a reason for that... I decided to try them with this kabob and the best way to describe it is, they seemed to get dry, and even after steaming them a bit in the microwave before cooking on the grill they stayed hard. I addition, I cut them on the bias and the ends severely burnt. So, while I'm not saying I won't ever try them on the grill again, it won't be as a kabob. If you have a great idea or recipe for grilled carrots please share:@)

Lemon Sesame Chicken Shish Kabobs
For 2 chicken breasts, or approx 6-8 kabobs 
Zest of 2 lemons
Juice of 2 lemons
2 cloves garlic, minced-since the microplane was already out I used it
2 tsp sesame oil
2 tsp sugar
2 tsp vinegar-rice vinegar if you have it, white if not
1 tsp salt
few grinds of pepper
2 chicken breasts
Assorted veggies for grilling: onion, zucchini, green pepper, yellow squash, etc.
Spritz of vegetable oil before grilling.
  1. Mix all marinade ingredients (items listed through pepper).
  2. Cut chicken and veggies into bite size pieces-approx 1".
  3. Marinade chicken and veggies for 30 minutes to an hour, turning to coat several times. I like to do this in a baking dish or plastic bag for better coverage before putting them on the skewers.
  4. Alternate meat and veggies on skewers, spritz with vegetable oil and cook over a medium fire for approx 8-10 minutes per side (or until chicken is done), flipping once.
Eat well and have a happy day:@)


  1. Yum, I have tried carrots before and was very displeased too!

  2. This looks too healthy and good to be true. Totally going to make it. I think that root vegetables are just not a good choice for grilling unless they are wrapped up in foil and can steam a bit.


  3. This sounds delicious. I've had the same experience with carrots! I do find that they roast nicely if you cut them in half, lengthwise, and rub with olive oil. Don't know how they'd do cut that way but grilled.


  4. I'm more of a raw carrot and dip type girl. The only way I eat carrots cooked is smothered in butter, brown sugar and some orange juice. The kabobs look delicious. I bet I would love this flavor combination.

  5. Not only did I like this combo, I loved checking out the other kabobs in the you might also like section!

  6. I always think of pork and apple dishes in the Fall. You've taken it and created a really lovely summer meal that is low carb, (I would use stevia instead of sugar). Thanks Lynn. It looks delicious and lemon just makes everything feel fresh. I agree, kabobs are so pretty and versatile, but they can be tricky too. Have you see the kabob holders that sit on top of your grill? All you do is turn the skewers and there is no sticking.

    1. The kabob holders sound like a new toy to look for-thanks:@)

  7. Well, as a girl who lives smack dab in the middle of Vidalia onion country, I think it's fabulous. In fact, you ought to send it to the Vidalia onion board. There's actually such a thing. I am just not sure how one would contact it.

    I don't have sesame oil here. Every time a recipe calls for it, I end up substituting. I think I need to get off my duff and get some. Then, I can not only do these but that sesame grilled pork tenderloin that lives over on your sideboard tempting me.

  8. HOT PEPPERS???!!! LOL

    It sure looks & sounds yummy, Lynn. I like everything that is on there.

    I have a there any reason why you couldn't put all the pieces onto the skewers FIRST & then put them into a gallon baggie or a flat Tupperware container, to marinate that way? I'm thinking it might be easier than trying to thread slippery chunks of meat & veggies onto skewers afterwards. Just a thought...I'm always looking for the easy way out & You're the expert griller, not me, so I'm asking your advice.

    1. Howdy! No reason you couldn't skewer them first and then marinate while flipping them a few times. I just find the marinade has a better chance of really soaking every individual piece if they are laid flat in the dish and turned every so often. I've done both, it's your choice-have fun:@)

  9. I've never done carrots on the grill... they take too long to cook no matter how you cook them. Love kabobs at our house though!

  10. The marinade sounds really delish! I like your catchy Vidalia onion slogan!! You are the grilling queen for sure. Maybe you'll be crowned queen of Vidalia onions in the near future.

  11. I put carrots on the grill but I cook them first until they are barely fork tender. Then brush with a glaze and grill until there are some nice grill marks. It just takes a few minutes. They dry out quickly. Love kabobs in the summer because I don't have to heat up my kitchen.

  12. Sounds like a wonderful marinade! I think I'll stick to roasting the carrots separately...thanks for the warning!

  13. Love your slogan Lynn! The sesame and lemon combo sounds like a winner too :)

  14. Now, this is something yummy and a bit tricky! I love the idea of it! Just looking at it makes drool and crave for it right now! Just kidding! But this is certainly a must try! Thanks a lot for sharing this awesome recipe! It’s perfect for this Sunday’s summer escapade.

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