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Friday, March 29, 2013

Foam Easter Egg Holders 2013- Pig Alert!

I started this little Basket Buddy Foam Egg Holder Series in 2011 with the Bunny Tutorial. Last year Just Ducky was added and this year, oh yea, a Piggy... The others better watch their jelly beans!
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You can click HERE for the original detailed tutorial, I free handed the piggy's ears and nose. The ears were sticking straight up so I bent them down towards the front, eventually they stayed in that position. A Sharpie finished the nose, a button would be really cute too (especially if it has 2 holes).
Don't forget the tail:@)
This is an easy project to do with the kids or a great surprise for their Easter baskets.

Have a Happy Easter Weekend!

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  1. I've heard of The Easter Beagle, but never the Easter Pig! So funny!

  2. Hi Lynn! Hope all is well. Have a happy Easter! Pinning this onto Kids Stuff!

  3. Adorable Lynn! Love the pig addition :) Happy Easter!

  4. Very cute craft to make with the kiddies. Of course, the pig is my fave ;-) xo

  5. SO cute! Love the curly tail!

    PS...I linked my spinach souffle to today's blog post for you :)

  6. Adorable, Lynn! Earl must be very happy. Happy Easter to both of you.......Sarah

  7. It was only at matter of time :) Very cute, Lynn!

  8. O, sooo cute. I am thrilled to see the piggy. :)
    You are so talented, Lynn...I don't think there's anything crafty that you can't do. My mother was that way and I didn't get a LICK of talent from her.
    I love and enjoy all that you do.
    Now, I think I saw something about bacon and cherries....2 of my favorite things. Gotta ck it out.
    Happiest Easter, dear friend.

  9. What a wonderful foam family you have ;o) Happy Easter Lynn!

  10. So cute! Love that curly piggie tail!

  11. As always, ADORABLE!

    Happy Easter

  12. These are really cute. What a great idea. I hope you have a wonderful Easter holiday. Blessings...Mary

  13. Those are darling!

    Happy Easter, Lynn!



  14. What a great craft, Lynn! I hope Earl doesn't get too attached to that cute piggie one!! Happy Easter!!

  15. Those are soooooooooooooo cute. Have a blessed Easter tomorrow. Sandie

  16. These are so cute, Lynn! The piggy's tail made me I think my older grandson might be able to help make them next.

    Wishing you and your family a very happy Easter!year.

  17. Just darling. Happy Easter Lynn.

  18. Hi Lynn,
    an Easter pig is a must, right? It looks cute as Earl. I wish you and Earl a wonderful Easter time.
    Best greetings, Johanna

  19. Happy Easter, my friend. I hope you, the boys, and Earl have a fantastic day.

  20. I love these! I didn't have pinterst when first shared the idea, but I do now. Whooopie!


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