Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Works For Me Wednesday-Food Storage

Hey everyone! Food storage-I'll throw a few of my favorites out there but would love to hear about yours!

  • Lock-N-Lock containers, I do love them! Doesn't matter if you find them on QVC, Amazon or at Ross, just give them a try. I can keep a head of iceberg lettuce (cored) in the fridge for well over 2 weeks without a problem. This is amazing to me!
  • Food Saver sealing machine-all I can say is it does everything they say it does! If you buy whole beef tenderloins or pork loins it will pay for itself in no time... not to mention those great sales on chicken breasts. This may be one of those purchases that seems a bit extravagant at first, but you'll "get it" quickly.
  • Little plastic square-ish thingy that keeps the bag of bread closed- I actually save these for re-closing bags of frozen veggies. Works great and I love to recycle/reuse as often as I can!
  • I cut a lot of recipes in half (or more) so when I make chicken stock I freeze some in Ball plastic 8 ounce freezer jam jars. This gives me one cup whenever I need it.
  • Bananas-I just saw this tip on These Peas Taste Funny about taking them apart at the stem and storing bananas in a plastic bag. Terry says it will slow down the ripening process, while I haven't tried it just yet-I will! My tip is to simply store over ripe bananas in the freezer. I've peeled them and put them into a Ziplock bag and I've also frozen them in the peel in a plastic bag. Both work just fine for banana bread/muffins/cake... oh, and ice cream:@) 
Have a happy day!


  1. Are you sure on the bananas Lynn...If you buy VERY GREEN BANANAS always leave them IN THE BAG they come in SO THEY WILL ripen. and I've found you have to take them OUT of the bag they come in if they are ripe or they heat up and ripen faster. If you go to COSTCO and the bananas are all ripe FEEL those bags and they are HOT! Thank you for the freezer tip, I LOVE THAT ONE! I had NO IDEA they could be frozen! NOW, Your Little plastic square-ish thingy that keeps the bag of bread closed is one of my MOM'S favorite thingys...She puts them at the end of PACKING TAPE or any other tapes that stick on themselves and take FOREVER to find the end. She just whips that little thingy under the end AND it's always easy to find it... I haven't tried those LOCK-N-LOCK containers, THANK YOU for that advise, I really need those!!!
    HUGS to you,

  2. Hi Lynn, I do freeze ripe bananas and they do well in a recipe such as cake, pancakes and banana bread.

    Good tips today.
    Hugs, Jeanne

  3. I have a friend that has those Lock-N-Lock containers and she absolutely loves them. I do believe she bought them from QVC. I have seen them in the LTD catalog that my daughter got in the mail the other day. They were the smaller ones (set of 3) and would come in handy for those little dabs of left overs.
    One tip is if you bake corn bread, save the left over pieces and they can be frozen and used when making corn bread dressing. You can also save bread and left over dinner rolls for the same thing. When Thanksgiving dinner is over and all the meat has been picked off of the turkey, don't throw the carcass bones away, put them in a big pot, cover with water and simmer on low heat to make turkey broth/stock. Add some celery hearts. You can do the same thing with a chicken bones. The tiny bits of meat will cook off into the stock. Pour the broth from the pot and allow to cool. Put in fridge and the fat will rise to the top and be a solid. Remove and discard, then take the gelled stock and put in Zip-loc bag or freezer container and freeze. This is great for noodle soup or dumplings. It can even be added to shredded chicken (add crushed crackers) for sandwiches. For years I use to throw those bones away...how wasteful was that!
    Susanne :)

  4. I am big on freezer/storage bags...I have no room or tolerance for Tupperware or molded plastic. I put liquid and solids in them and freeze or refrigerate the leftovers. I buy bananas when they are green so they are ripe and fresh the next day. We eat them so fast they never get over ripe and if they do, I freeze them,

    Great ideas here!


  5. When I was a kid we use to go to the Dairy Delux and my uncle would buy all the kids a "Bongo Banana". It was a frozen banana on a stick dipped in chocolate and rolled in nuts! Your banana theory made me think of it!
    I have not tried the Lock n Lock containers. But now I will. Thanks

  6. Oh you make me miss bananas! (I'm very allergic to them now. Makes me sad.)

    Great tips. I've been thinking about that food saver. I love my deep freeze and I'm pretty sure it would work even better with proper sealing.


  7. This takes a little effort but I try really hard to store items in my cupboard by expiration date, those with dates further out are stored in the back. That way, I don't buy new something that I already have and I cut down on waste! Another tip to tie up frozen vegetables, I cup the top off of the bag and use the cut off piece as a handy tie.

  8. I like the Works for me Wednesday posts.

    I have long wanted a food saver and even have the perfect place for it. I think I might even buy the husband one for his birthday. Yeah, I know that sounds lame,but he really wants one too so it isn't as bad as it sounds.

    Now, I feel kind of stupid to say this, but I can't quite figure out the one about the bananas. Maybe I should look on the original blog.

    Keep these up, please. I really like the theme.

  9. I love my foodsaver! Also, I do buy a lot of bananas and freeze the ripe ones, we have a lot of banana bread around here.

  10. Oh boy... do I need some new conatainers for our leftovers. Mine have seen their better days and are just plain sad!

  11. Thanks for the tips, Lynn. I didn't realize I could freeze ripe, peeled bananas for future use. Great idea!

  12. Hi Lynn, I saw that banana tip and it does work! But I didn't store them in a plastic bag. I just took them off the stem and they lasted twice as long!

  13. I don't have the Lock N Lock containers but they sound so good I'll look into getting some. I try to re-purpose a lot of containers for freezer storage but I admit I am worried about reusing plastics because of all the hoopla about BPA leaching out of the containers into food, so I try to use glass when possible.

    I love over ripe bananas and do the same thing you do, Lynn. I always buy a big bunch so I ahve the excuse that I HAVE to make banan bread ..lol

  14. great tips...
    i eat bananas
    every day so
    they don't have
    a chance to get
    overly ripe :D

  15. Wonderful tips - I always love learning new things that will help me in the kitchen!

  16. I cannot get past the price of Lock N Lock containers but maybe I should.

  17. I cannot tell you how many lock and locks I have. Love them! Nothing spills.

  18. J freezes bananas all the time. He loves banana bread. He saves up bananas and takes them to our daughter...it's his little hint...she makes wonderful banana bread.

    I love those little square plastic things.

  19. Great tips. I freeze everything in 2 layers of plastic.
    In the summer I freeze leftover corn on the cob after cutting it off cob. What a great way to enjoy fresh corn later!

  20. Thanks for the tips - what is a square-ish thingy?

  21. We never have overripe bananas for long...when they reach that stage, they go into that Banana bread. :))

    Wrapping your celery TOTALLY in foil will allow you to keep it crisp and fresh forever.


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