Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Patriotic Pretzel Peanut Bark!

Hey everyone, try to say that title three times fast!!! How about a salty sweet munchie for your
4th of July Party! I saw this Candy Bark on Paula Deen's site and thought it would be a great summer treat. To make it festive I simply sprinkled red, white and blue nonpareils on the top.


Cooling on the tray:

Chow time!

Pretzel Peanut Bark
1 Bag white chocolate chips (Paula used the white chocolate squares, you can click the link above)
1 1/4 C skinny pretzels (sticks broken in half, not crushed)
1/2 C roasted peanuts (I used salted)
Colorful candy decorations for the top
  1. Line a cookie sheet with parchment, wax paper or a silicone liner.
  2. Melt chocolate in double boiler or the microwave till smooth.
  3. Gently mix in pretzels and peanuts. 
  4. Pour out onto cookie sheet, spread mixture out and sprinkle with candy topping.
  5. Let cool for a few hours or put in fridge for 45 minutes, break into pieces and store in an air tight container.
  • I adjusted my recipe down because a bag of chips is only 11 oz. 
  • If you want to use chocolate instead of white chocolate, well, I won't tell Miss Paula! Just be careful to temper it.
  • This would be best if you're eating inside (at least have this inside). It was over 90 degrees today and the chocolate did get a little soft after a while.
Have a happy day:@)

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  1. It's fancy in my book!!! I will have to make this! Looks good to me!

  2. If I make those now, they won't be here for the 4th of July! I can imagine everyone lovin' these to snack on at our family gathering.♥♫

  3. i just love coming here to see what's going on....LOVE THIS !!!!

    so old fashion and summery

    planning 4th of july menu here today and this will be on it


    kary and teddy

  4. I love pretzel bark but would never have thought to make my own;sounds like a fun profect.

  5. Pretty! I love the salty and sweet combo of chocolate covered pretzels.

  6. I don't know which I like better, the sweets or the dish.

  7. OH YUM! I'll probably have to double the recipe because it looks good enough that I could eat the who batch.:) Just kidding...I love white chocolate and that sweet-salty thing.
    Cute with the red, white and blue sprinkles.

  8. One summer we made pretzel bark orver and over again -- don't know what got into us, but it was good I guess and we didn't stop. Love anything this time of year that's a Patriotic snack. Joni

  9. Looks delicious, L! So I will listen to the weather report before I make it?

  10. Looks delicious and will feed my craving for both sugar and salt!


  11. Oh, these look good. I sure would like to nosh on a bowl of these right about now....

  12. I love this. What an easy crowd-pleaser. Packaging this up in cute little 4th of July packages would be super fun too. Great ideas. :-)

  13. I am definitely making this for the 4th!! Thanks, Lynn!


  14. Do you provide samples???? This looks great!

  15. Now that is a festive and yummy snack food. This would certainly be great for all the company we will be having. Thanks for sharing!!

  16. Copied the recipe and plan to try it. Also share the recipe. Thanks.
    Sounds easy and delicious.
    Love the title of your blog.

  17. I love the sweet and salty together. :) And so cute for the 4th!

  18. Your food is making me hungry, Lynn. It's so pretty too....Christine

  19. If this tastes as good as it looks, you have a winner of a recipe on tour hands. it really does sound wonderful. I hope you have a great day. Blessings...Mary

  20. More red, white and blue inspiration? Keep it coming! I love it...

    Blessings, Debbie

  21. Thank you for this recipe. I'll use red sprinkles and serve on Canada Day, July 1st.

  22. What a great recipe! I love dipped pretzels but this is even better with the peanuts also. Love the sprinkles!

  23. Looks good, taste good and so easy! Perfect!!

  24. Nice festive treat! Peanuts, pretzels and chocolate. Tastes care of my salty-sweet cravings in one snack!

  25. Your patriotic pretzels are "barking" up my tree! Sorry, just couldn't resist. Add that cream cheese frosting to the carrot cake. It can only make it better!


  26. Oh, yes... salty and sweet. Addicting! :)

  27. Now this just looks yummy. I know some some kiddoes and kidlets who would love these. Thanks for sharing!

  28. Love this!! So simple and oh so delicious!!

  29. Mmm, chocolate, pretzels and peanuts, some of my favorite things. I love the patriotic sprinkles.

    I hope you'll stop by Sweet Tooth Friday this week to share your recipes.

  30. Oh goody! I have all the ingredients on hand. Thanks for the recipe. Ginger :)

  31. What a very special treat for the 4th. My guest will just love this recipe. Thank you so much for sharing with Full Plate Thursday and I look forward to seeing you again real soon.
    Have a great week end!
    Miz Helen

  32. Oh, my grands will love making this. Thanks, Lynn..

  33. I salute your patriotic candy bark. I must bring this to my sister's July 4th party. It's really pretty.

  34. Yummy...and patriotic! This will be great at our USA/Jane birthday bash.

  35. What a wonderful treat, they look delicious! A great addition to a 4th of July party.

  36. Yum, this looks so tasty! I love the patriotic sprinkles. And don't you just adore salty and sweet together? ;)

  37. HAPPY 4th of JULY! Hope you are celebrating today with family & friends! We LOVE your Red, White and Blue Recipe (thanks for linking up to THIS WEEK'S CRAVINGS; Picnic Recipe)!

    Today we are featuring ALL RED, WHITE & BLUE Recipes, if you have another to share, please stop by and link up!


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