Sunday, June 5, 2011

Cranberry Jelly

Hey Everyone! I read that we should clear out the freezer by June so we can begin to fill it again for this year. I love that! Of course I read this in June so I'm already behind... story of my life:@)
One of the best marketing ads of all time had to be from the cranberry people, "buy an extra pack, they're only out once a year and freeze so well, yadda, yadda"... So I do, every year
That bag was still in the freezer, I decided to make jelly with it.
Cranberries, water and sugar, can't get easier than that!
I used a recipe from as my starting point. I find that a bag of cranberries is approx 3 cups.

Cranberry Jelly
Simple ratio:
For every 1 cup of cranberries use 1/2 cup of water and 1/2 C of sugar.
Plan on one half pint canning jar for each cup of cranberries.
  1. Pick through cranberries and toss the bad ones, remove any stems and wash berries.
  2. Place cranberries and water in pot, bring to a boil, reduce to simmer until all berries have popped. About 20 minutes.
  3. Remove from heat and push juice/pulp through a sieve with the back of a spoon. Scrape all the good stuff from the bottom of the sieve! Discard skins. I did half of the berries at a time.
  4. Wash pot and put juice back into it. The juice will be very thick.
  5. High heat to a boil, stirring, reduce heat and simmer for 2-3 minutes.
  6. While stirring all the time: Add sugar, high heat and once it comes back to a boil, reduce heat to simmer and cook 2 minutes.
  7. Put in sterilized jars and process for 10 minutes in a water bath.
  • When cranberries pop they can splatter. I try to beat them to it by crushing them under water as they heat up with the back of my spoon. (A potato masher would work well.)
  • This was the first time I've made cranberry jelly. I thought I'd try the recipe as written, it's very good, I would make it again. I also think it would be great with oranges and cinnamon/cloves. 
  • I wouldn't hesitate to double this if you want to make Thanksgiving/Christmas gifts. (Processing the jars.)
  • Straining it removes some of the seeds but some do make it into the jelly.
  • This isn't a crystal clear apple type jelly, it's more of a velvety thick jam type jelly minus the skins. 
  • Beautiful color!
  • If you don't want to process it, store in the fridge. Don't know what the Food Police say about how long it will stay good.
  • What are we going to do with cranberry jelly? It's good on bagels or crackers with cream cheese. Thumbprint cookies. Would be a great glaze with chicken, ham or pork...
  • Have fun!
I'm joining:


  1. You must be looking into my freezer (smile). I have more than one bag of cranberries from Christmas. Love your jelly idea.

  2. Well, I don't think I've ever heard of Cranberry Jelly but it sounds delicious. Must be a lot like cranberry sauce? I love cranberries any way they are fixed so I must try this. I have a friend that loves them, too, and a few jars of this for Christmas would be great.
    Thanks for the recipe..

  3. Now this is a great idea! Love the Cranberry people and their ads on TV.


  4. This sounds so yummy! I am a jam maker but have never tried cranberry jam. Does it have a little tart/sweet taste.

    The texture of the jam in your lovely pictures is so appealing!

    And what a great adage about clearing one's freezer by June. I'm right there with you! I'll have to double my effforts to get it cleared!

  5. I always freeze blueberries..... do you you know??? we cannot find any fresh cranberries...only dried ones.... :(
    Have a special Sunday, blessings, Flavia

  6. I love cranberries and the texture looks perfect. xo,

  7. Your cranberry jelly looks yummy! I can almost taste them on those wheat thins and bagels. Thanks for sharing with us and for stopping by with your lovely comment on my Patriotic tablescape. Have a wonderful weekend!~Poppy

  8. Ooo I bet that is some good jelly! It looks so pretty. I love cranberries.

  9. I love reading your blog. I'm not a cook but I always enjoy the recipes and smile at how easy you make everything sound (because trust me, it would not be that easy in my kitchen)!
    The cranberry jelly looks delicious!

  10. Hello there,

    Yummy snack!..,I'm glad you brought it to the party!
    Thanks for sharing the recipe with us; (it's pretty too with all of those jewel toned reds in the tasty jelly)!

    Cheers and hugs from Wanda Lee.

  11. Huh! The only thing I have done on time all year, cleaning out the freezer in June! Course does it count when the boy child goes into it looking for ice cream and forgets to close the door so the packed full freezer thaws and ruins LOTS of meat? Yeah, mine did that. I wonder how the garbage guys appreciated emptying the can full of rotten food that sat in the hot sun for 3 days? Ugh. Only time I am on time for anything is by accident.

    Love the cranberry idea! I didn't know that about cranberries. I am on the look out for them now. I got their number. This jam looks so good. It is definitely going into the file!

  12. You know I have to tel you a LOT of those Cranberries come from my home state!

    Hmmm, why don't we have Cranberry jelly at Farm Breakfasts? I'll have to ask this year.

  13. Yum! That looks like one of those addictive snacks that you just can't stop popping in your mouth!

  14. I always make enough cranberry sauce at the holiday to get me through the summer grilling months. It's so good with barbecue chicken and pork loin, and on a turkey sandwich too.

    Buying a few extra bags at holiday time is the way to go.

  15. I have a couple of bags of those cranberries too- that was apparently a good marketing technique. :) This sounds like a lovely way to use them!

  16. Looks so good, especially topped with the jalapeno rings! ha, I buy extra bags for the same reason, I have them all year long!

  17. Lynn, this looks delicious. I'll give this recipe a try. I didn't have storage to share either, but wanted to join in the The Tablescaper's party so I shared the seasonal blooms of the magnolia. ;-)

  18. It is excellent on brie too! I always buy that extra bag, and use it to make cranberry apple muffins! :)

  19. ...i just finished eating Triscuits with cheddar cheese...wish i had this...looks GOOD !!!!

    kary and teddy

  20. Beautiful! I love making preserves and jellies.

  21. What a great idea! I love it.

  22. I could have used that cranberry jelly yesterday with some cream cheese and rye crisps when I was creating my 'blog that never ends' for The Tablescaper's "Where Do Yo Store It All? I'm going to give that recipe a try. I've never made jelly, but I think that I can do it! Thanks! Cherry Kay

  23. Yum! The freezer is always a treasure trove!

  24. This sounds and looks YUMMY!!!

    Thanks for sharing

  25. I'm so glad you joined the party! This is the best snack and I can imagine hoe good it is, I love cranberries.. I started eating out of the freezer two months ago.. we are down to a few steaks and not one left over! have a great week, many blessings, marlis

  26. mmm...that sounds very tasty! I'd love for you to link up!!

  27. This looks yummilicious, Lynn!..Christine

  28. Yummy, yumm, yumm! So tempting ... Johanna

  29. I'll take a bagel with crem cheese and cranberry jelly, please. I'll be right back, I need to get some coffee.

    Have a great day! La

  30. Gosh, this looks good! Why are cranberries only associated with Thanksgiving? They are so good they should be eaten year round, and prepared as jelly is a good way to do it!

  31. I always think of picking up a few extra bags but never do. I think I would love some jam right now. Joni

  32. I still have that extra bag in my freezer ;) I know I would love this jam and what a great way to use those frozen cranberries.

  33. I want to come live at your house. You have the best food! You can live over here if you don't mind Mac and Cheese cups.

  34. These look delicious. Thanks so much for being a part of the party.

    - The Tablescaper

  35. Oh Yes, they DO freeze well! Thank you so much for the recipe. I thought I was the only one with them tucked away in the freezer,hehe! I also buy lots of canned pumpkin. I make pumpkin pies ALL YEAR! We love them!!! Have a wonderful week,

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