Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Bloggy Buddies Are The Best and A Give-Away!

Hey everyone! Just a reminder that the Pillsbury Doughboy Cook-Along is next week. Join with any Pillsbury recipe or product-details HERE. Linky will be up on Tuesday afternoon and I have Give-Away News! You all know Jo at LazyonLoblolly right? Well she is having a fun Pillsbury Give-Away during the the Cook-Along. Jo has a great Pillsbury Cook Book and a chance to win your very own cute Doughboy! Folks just need to stop by her Cook-Along post to get the details to be entered in the drawing!
   It should be fun, hope to see you there:@)


  1. I had forgotten, thanks for the reminder, I just put it on my calendar. xo

  2. Hey bloggy buddy!!!...I'm so excited!..My first giveaway, this is going to be so much fun and I can't wait to see and read all the wonderful "Pillsbury Recipes",I love Pillsbury!... and I do love that silly little "doughboy".
    Whooohooo!!...I can't hardly wait, I'm giddy with excitement.
    ps...thank you so much for the great tips on how to do a giveaway,your awesome my friend!!

  3. I am getting ready for it already! In fact, I am going to be making one tonight and posting about it. How cool of Jo to do the giveaway too! Ohohoh! I just remembered another recipe that I can do too! I better get cooking!

  4. Hi Lynn,
    I wish that I loved to cook the way that you do.
    Unfortunately I'm not a great cook, just average. But, I love reading about good food.


  5. I'll be there, Lynn, and stopping by Jo's place too. Lately I take the best trips without setting foot out the door! xo,

  6. I had forgotten too. I might actually be able to do this one.

  7. Love this! My dad's nickname was Poppin Fresh. LOL


  8. I am looking for recipes right now! I'll post your celebrity cook off on my sidebar!
    Love it and can't wait to join in the fun!

  9. Thanks Lynn! Bloggy buddies are the best!!!!!

  10. Earl is going to be jealous....if the Pilsbury Doughboy gets more attention than he does at next week's party.

  11. I love La's comment! I'm just making a brief run through blogland. I'm trying to get back to it, but staying focused seems a bit impossible. I'm getting there...slowly! Hope all is well on your end!

  12. Oh, he's just my favorite little cooking buddy!!

    Blessings, Debbie

  13. This sounds like so much fun. I'll have to start thinking about what to make.

  14. This is so fun, Lynn. I love how you keep coming up with good, fun ideas for us. Just came over from Jo's...now I'm here to tell you that I WANT THAT COOKBOOK. :)Q

    I have a great cookbook that I want to give away..thinking I will wait for your next celebrity cook, tho. I'll email you.
    xoxo bj


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