Monday, April 11, 2011

Sharing A Little Bloggy Love!

Hey everyone! I like to stop by Pam's blog House of Hawthornes and see what she's up to! It's always a fun visit and she has the cutest little pup! Today I noticed that she mentioned a new meme dedicated to photos. The party will be on Friday nights:
Photo Feature Friday
hosted by Tricia at A Rosy Note
Tricia has a beautiful blog and party details are HERE
The idea is to share some of your best photos, while trying to learn about taking better ones.
Also to share pointers about any effects you may have used.
No fancy camera required.

Now that the days are longer and I have some natural light outside, 
I might just grab my little point-and-shoot and see if I can join in myself!
The party starts this Friday, linky will be up Thursday evening.
Have a happy day:@)


  1. OOOOH! I could use some pointers! Thanks for sharing about the party! Will Earl be making his way into the pics? I just love that little piggie!

  2. I'd love to see everyone's photos, and I definitely need to learn how to take better ones myself.

  3. Hi - this new meme sounds good! I get so confused when people start talking about cameras and camera settings. The only thing I know how to do with my camera is turn the flash on and off and zoom in and out. That's it! I'm also trying to learn about Picassa and have been able to do some cropping but I'm having a little trouble organizing my photos. Ciao, bella! xxoo

  4. I have so much to learn. This may be just the thing!

  5. Hi Lynn,
    I always love to read tips on photography. I admit, I'm too lazy to read the instruction booklet that came with mine!

    thanks for the info.


  6. I need to make a notebook to keep all these parties straight in my head! This one sounds fun.


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