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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Red White and Blue Cookies!

Hi everyone! I'm happy to be joining Gnee for the Blog B-B-Q and Foodie Friday! I wanted to make something a little different that still fit the Labor Day Theme. I've had a basic Neopolitan recipe for years and this is the first time I made them, I just omitted the chocolate and nuts, and added blue food coloring.
Hope you love them if you try them:@)

Neopolitan Slices
1 C butter, softened
3/4 C sugar
1 egg
1 tsp vanilla
2 1/2 C flour
1/2 tsp baking powder
1/4 tsp salt
1/4 C chopped maraschino cherries, pat dry
Red food coloring
1 square unsweetened chocolate (1 oz)
1/4 C walnuts

Cream butter and sugar, add egg and vanilla. Sift dry ingredients together and add to mixture.
Divide dough into three parts. Leave vanilla as is, add cherries and food coloring to another part. Melt chocolate and add to remaining third with nuts.
Chill all three parts separately until easily handled. Then pat into layers (with the pink in the middle) in a
5" x 9" bread pan lined with wax paper. Chill until firm-important!
Remove from pan and paper and cut lengthwise into two long pieces. Cut into 1/8" slices and place on an ungreased cookie sheet.
Bake at 350 for 10-12 mins (I started checking mine at 8 minutes), until done but not browned.
Makes 6 dozen.

Notes for next time:
These were tasty but I would add half vanilla and half almond extract.
I would try smooshing the layers down smoother.
Paste food coloring is on my "to buy" list! Although I think these would be fun for a baby shower too.


  1. How festive and yummy looking. Have a wonderful day! La

  2. What pretty colors! I would love to have these with a good cup of coffee. I'm not a baker, but love to make cookies. These will go in my cookie file! YUMMY!

    BTW- Do you have a barnyard bash button? I would love to put it on my sidebar. xo

  3. oh yum, the are almost to pretty to eat.
    Have a great Thursday.

  4. They looks so yummy! I will have to put this on the baking "to do" list!

  5. Such pretty colours - and they look so delicious!

    Hope your Labor Day weekend's great!

    LOLA & Nora:)

  6. Well, these are festive and colorful! The fact that I'm a lover of maraschino cherries AND chocolate AND walnuts puts them on my need to try list.

  7. I've saved your recipe, and I look forward to trying it. Thank you for stopping by my post. Come again any time! Cherry Kay

  8. I am not much on cooking anymore, but would certainly enjoy one of your cookies.

  9. Perfect, and I bet they are delicious too. It would be fun to try theses for Christmas. I am copying the recipe. Thank you!!!
    Hugs, Jeanne

  10. I think these are pretty...they would be great for something girly!! Thanks so much for the recipe!


  11. They are pretty and I quess you could do various colors. hugs♥olive

  12. Cute cookies! They look yummy too- thanks!

  13. Fun cookies! They would be super cute for a baby shower! Will paste food coloring allow for darker colors? I'm not familiar at all!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog !

    I see you are from Levittown. I have family there! I'm originally from Philly, but am now in Souderton! Not too far!

    Under the Big Oak Tree

  14. These are clever and no worrying about red and blue frosting. They look great!

  15. Hi Lynn,

    These look so festive and are loaded with such yummy ingredients. I've got to grab one soon...thanks for bringing them to our BlogBBQ! Have a great weekend.

  16. Great looking cookies! I love Neopolitan's! looks good dressed up in the red, white and blue :)

  17. YUM! I've made these in pink and blue for baby showers- always a hit!Great job!
    xoxo Pattie

  18. Okay now I want ice cream. Fun.

  19. Yummo - I have a soft spot for maraschino cherries.

    Happy FF.


  20. These are cute! My son love maraschino cherries so I know they would be popular!

  21. These are so pretty. I bet they will be snarfed up at the BBQ before it even gets started. What a fun idea and you could change the colors for all kinds of things.

  22. Oh, these look so festive!! What a great idea :)


  23. Very cute cookies. I have a soft spot for maraschino cherries, must be from those Shirley Temples I drank as a child.

  24. I took 2, don't tell!
    Happy Labor Day, L!

  25. These look delicious! Love the flavors!


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