Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Sharing A Little Bloggy Love!

Hi everyone! I wanted to share a few things that made me smile recently :@)
I'd like to introduce Constance, such a cutie! Heather at My Everyday Graces has a farm in Oregon and is sharing the exploits of raising chickens as well as other realities of farm life!

Mandy at Mandy's Yellow Corner has a great tutorial for making a silhouette from a picture of your pet! 
I love this idea, it's so personal! Imagine giving friends a silhouette of their own pet as a gift!

And I'll end on a sweet note! Liz of Whisk and A Prayer made these amazing spiral chocolate,
peanut butter cookies... wishing I had one now!
Have a happy day :@)


  1. Holy Cow! Those cookies looks so good. I think I gained 5 pounds just looking at them.

    Constance is so cute with her quizical look.

    I will have to check out the tutorial on the pet silhouette.

    Thank you for showcasing these wonderful blogs. You're a peach! La

  2. Thanks for the links. I would love to have a silhouette of my dog so I'm going to go check it out!

  3. Thanks for sharing this with us today, some really neat stuff! Those cookies look scrumptious!

    Have a great day.


  4. Hi! Your post is just adorable, and so generous of you to share your blog with other bloggers!! Ciao, bella!

  5. I love it when people share the goodies they have found. We can't see everything on our own...pointers are great!

    Have a wonderful day.

  6. Could that chick face be any cuter???? Well, of course, she's from Oregon, lol. Thanks for sharing.

  7. I'm going to be checking all of these out! I think that silhouette might make a great Christmas gift for my very hard to buy for uncle who LOVES his pooch!!

  8. Oh my goodness:) I popped over after your gracious barnyard invite and was tickled to see my little peeper on your blog!! Thank you so much, Lynn.

    I love this idea of showcasing other blogs... I am going to pay it forward as soon as the lovelies give me time to do a little surfing:)

  9. The chicken image is brillant. I can omly look at the cookies. Thanks for sharing these Lynn. hugs♥olive

  10. Hi Lynn! Thank you so much for voting for Chloe Dawn. I'm not expecting her to make the cut, but it was fun seeing her little picture up with the others.
    Oh, this is a great post! It's so wonderful to get to meet new bloggers! I'll have to pop in for a few visits!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  11. Thanks for the introduction to more inspiring blogs. Those cookies do look great. I'm desperately trying to get back on my diet:-)

  12. I am a little late for Tabletop Tuesday so I am commenting on this post, which really made me smile. The chick is precious~doesn't it seem like everyone is raising chickens lately?? Must be for those pretty pastel eggs!

    I have to check out the other websites...thanks for sharing. Love the snow topped table, by the way!


  13. Thanks so much - you're too sweet! The chick is adorable, and I'm totally going to have to check out the cookies!

    I'm your newest follower! :]

  14. aww what a cute lil chickie... Now I'm off to read about the pet silhouettes~ since as of today I cant have cookies..
    Gonna add your barnyard party to my sidebar too.. wheeeee thats gonna be fun. I am so out of the loop I just found out about it..


  15. Great features Lynn! It's fun to "pay it forward" with blog friends and yours is terrific.

  16. Oh I love this but you are making me hungry with those cookies!
    PS I love your blog name:)
    PSS how'd ya get the numbers by the names?

  17. Yummy looking cookies. And how sweet, a silhouette of your pet.
    thanks for all the good info.


  18. Thanks for sharing these links. Isn't that little chick just adorable? And those cookies...yum! Wish somebody would make them for me! lol

  19. btw- Like the way you've organized memes on your sidebar--very nice!

  20. Save a spiral cookie for me! Yum. Thank you for sharing your ideas with us and for stopping by my blog. Visit any time. Cherry Kay

  21. I love everything on a Whisk and a Prayer. She always makes me hungry.

    What a fun idea for a pet. I don't have any now because we are both so allergic, but we both grew up with pets and I would have loved these for my beloved pets.

  22. Chickens and cookies, o my! Those cookies look delicious, and the little quizzical looking chick is adorable!

  23. awww... i'm so honored you liked my cookie recipe! Lemme know how they turn out for you!

  24. I enjoyed visiting these links ~ thanks for sharing!


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