Thursday, June 10, 2010

June Garden

Hi everyone! I'm joining Tootsie for Fertilizer Friday with a few shots of my little garden. June's a good month, everything is still behaving and not taking up too much space... by July, it will be a jungle out there!

Here is basil, lavender and daisies...
(Weeds and a new rhubarb in the background. Second "red" rhubarb I've bought that turned green, grrrr
I read once that the only way to be assured of getting red is to take a division of an existing plants crown, 
I totally believe that now!)

I'll spend some time this weekend tying the cukes up, 
it's the first year trying out the arbor, we'll see how well it works!

Pole beans, and the ones in front were supposed to be bush lima beans-surprise!!! They're pole beans too, now if you can't trust a 20 cent pack of seeds to give you good information, what's this world coming to?
So this my lame set-up for an unexpected pole bean, jute and an extra Shepard's hook.

Zukes and tomatoes... This garden will be totally out of control by July!
I'll pretend I know what I'm doing and call it "compact" gardening...

That's it for now, please stop over and see what everyone else is talking about!
I hope all your weeds are wildflowers :@)


  1. Hey girl. Thanks for the tour of your garden.
    Looks to me like it's coming along well.
    I can't grow anything. You should see my shabby little tomato plant with no sign of tomatoes at all! LOL


  2. Your garden looks like you have a green thumb..
    it's thriving and so green.

  3. If it ever stops raining here long enough for the plants to grow I'll be happy. The weeds are the size of redwood trees.
    The jam looks fab. I make BlueBarb jam with blueberries and rhubarb. Delish. Recipe on my site.

  4. Stopping by from fertilize friday. Everything looks great in your garden, especially the herbs. Happy Gardening!!

  5. It's a wonderful thing to grow your on veggies...looks good!

  6. A wonderful veggie garden, I bet you can't wait for the first harvest. Happy gardening this weekend.

  7. I like your arbor. What a unique idea, to use it to grow your cucumbers on. Even though you joke about the garden going to be a jungle, I think you will very much enjoy the fruit of your labor!
    p.s. I like how you list the memes on your sidebar. Are you able to actually participate in all of these? That's a lot of variety and quite a lot of work....but then, blogging is enjoyable or we wouldn't do it.

  8. what a beautiful garden. I love how everything lines up so nicely ;) I'm looking forward to the day that I have enough time to do more of a food garden. Right now it seems that we are always gone at harvet time - meaning all of that work for nothing. Someday.

  9. "Compact" gardening ..... that's a good one Got to remember that one! Everything looks like it's growing like gang busters !It's so great to be able to grow your own veggies,they taste so much better!Everything looks Wonderful!! Enjoy your garden!:)

  10. Veggie garden is growing and looking great! I am sure you are so excited to eat them
    Thanks for sharing, Paula from Idaho

  11. I enjoyed seeing your garden and the supports and things. I clicked on the photos to enlarge them. Your basil plants sure look healthy. Is that feverfew blooming near them?

  12. I love your vegetable garden. Your basil looks so good!

  13. I'm visiting from Tootsies. I love your garden. I'll have to come back next month and see your the cucumbers look growing on the arbor.

  14. thanks for the tour!!! loving your seems that it is just getting started to burst like mine is coming along very well!!!
    Thank you for joining in today. I have very much enjoyed my visit...I hope you will join in again soon!

  15. Great garden! I love the idea of growing veges., yet my garden has too many deer that would treat it like a salad bowl!..,



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