Thursday, May 13, 2010

Apple/Rhubarb Pie

Hi everyone, Happy Foodie Friday! Please join Michael for other fun ideas.

Many years ago Ma owned a little diner (read "greasy spoon") and I was the designated pie baker. It was in a semi-rural area and occasionally folks would stop in with a bag of extra fruit from their yard/garden for me to use for the pies. In exchange they would stop back the next day for a piece of pie and coffee on the house, it was a win-win situation!

Well, rhubarb can be a hearty plant, and I can recall getting bags of it...
Since rhubarb pie is not a favorite of everyone I would mix it with apples, and that was a winner. If you'd like to you can also add a handful of raisins, that's great too.

Basically, you just make your favorite apple pie recipe, but substitute chopped rhubarb for two apples. For the one above I used one large stalk from my plant in the yard which was a little over a cup.
Usually I talk about cutting back on sugar, but not today. 
I won't post a recipe because it's just good old apple pie with a twist - enjoy! 

Note: My rhubarb is green, even though the label said it would be red and the little stalks were red in the package... The only way to be assured that you will get beautiful red rhubarb is to take a division of an established plant's crown. That's it, everything else is a gamble. Green rhubarb tastes just like the red, it's just not as pretty.

Also, rhubarb freezes beautifully, just cut it up and put in freezer bags for later.

I like to refer to my pies as "rustic looking", I always said to my sons, 
"if it's ugly, you know it's homemade!!!".


  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog yesterday. I meant to get over here sooner, but things kept popping up. That pie looks wonderful.

  2. I would gobble that puppy down in a heart beat! It looks wonderful! Love rhubarb in pies. I put it in strawberries and make jam out of it too. Just adds a little life to the berries. Love the little hearts on the crust. My grandma would do that and say it was cause she put too much love into them and it just busted out!

  3. If I could reach into my screen I would be seriously attacking that pie. I'm starving to death and it looks soooooo good! Stuffed peppers in the oven but I just came off a spin class so I'm weak and really needing that pie :)

  4. What a cute pie. Makes me look forward to pie season.


  5. What a beautiful crust!!! Sounds delicious! -

  6. So glad to see this gorgeous pie held up after the cupcake incident. I've been so sad for you, but this looks very tasty. Congratulations on not having a smashing success!

  7. "If it's ugly it's homemade!" You're too funny! Actually your pie looks beautiful. I've not had rhubarb but once, and I recall it was delicious.

  8. I love to bake and eat home made pie! Yours looks so the heart cut outs you made. There is nothing better . Did you see the movbioe "Waitress"? I wanted to bake so mnay of the pies she made :-)

    Thanks for entering my blog give away!

  9. The more sugar the better with rhubarb - although my kids go out and eat the stalks raw right from the garden! :) I've never tired it with apples - sounds yummy!

  10. Homemade pie is my absolute favorite. My mom used to make the most delicious rhubarb pie. Thanks for the memories...and YOUR pie is gorgeous! dana

  11. Beautiful pie! Nothing beats homemade...ever!! I am starting a new linky part next Wed. called Centerpiece Wednesday and would love to have you participate in it. Stop by my blog and grab my new button to help spread the word. I can't wait to see what everyone comes up with.

    Thanks for your inspiriation!

  12. I am not sure if I left my comment or not? Love the pie and the crust looks amazing! Nothing beats homemade! I am starting a new link up party next Wed. and would love to have you participate. It is called Centerpiece Wednesdays and it should be fun. I can't wait to see what everyone comes up with. Stop by my blog and grab my new button to help spread the word.

    Karin :)

  13. Can you believe I have never had rhubarb? It is not very common around here. I love your story about the diner--places like that usually have the best food and homecooking in America and your system worked well! I think rustic (not ugly:) fits it perfectly and it makes me want to try some rhubarb! Thanks for stopping by--I might try your chocolate suggestion. Sometimes I shoot a little caramel in it--but then that defeats the low-cal purpose :)

  14. Isn't it silly, I've been afraid to try Rhubarb? I've got to get over the fear, I know. I've been wanting to give it a try for sometime now. Maybe I'll use your idea as my inspiration! : ) How neat it would have been to bake for "The Greasy Spoon!"


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