Saturday, May 22, 2021

Saturday ReView: Red, White and Blue Dyed Peonies & Homemade BBQ Rub (Sugar Free)

Here in Pennsylvania peonies generally bloom ~around~ Memorial Day, give or take a week or two. I've played with dyeing them twice on the blog, Red, White and Blue here and Yellow, Orange and Red here. No matter what color you choose, this is a fun little experiment, especially if you have an abundance of flowers. I hear there's a way to cut and store the stems with buds in the refrigerator so you can force the blooms later (like for the 4th of July), but I haven't tried that yet... My fridge is full of, you know... food:@)

If you're grilling out over Memorial Day Weekend, and I hope you do:@), you might like to try this The One BBQ Rub. Why do I call it "The One"? Because that's the ratio of ingredients, nothing tricky to remember, just grab a measuring spoon and mix up a batch, large or small. And if you've been cooking for a while, I think you'll find that the spices are pretty standard for most folks, nothing extravagant to pick up at the store. This works equally well for meat and as a seasoning for any veggies you add to the grill.

Happy Memorial Day Planning:@)


  1. Yay for BBQ season! Love the dyed blooms, fun stuff!

  2. Your colored peonies are such fun, Lynn, and I’ll be checking out the One Rub. Thank you!


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