Thursday, February 9, 2017

Piped Mashed Potatoes and Easy Valentine Heart Shaped Foodie Round-Up

It's the little things that help make occasions special... So here's a round-up of some easy ideas to add to your Valentine's Day fun. I was excited to try this Piped Mashed Potato Heart but have to say my heavy handed addition of paprika kinda turned it into more of a bloggy blooper... Yea, don't do that. Simply place the Sheppard's Pie under the broiler for a couple minutes if the heart doesn't brown up enough in the oven. The decoration was piped on using a disposable icing bag and could be for any theme, Happy Birthday, Go Team, etc.

Here I've cut heart shapes out of Maraschino Cherry Fudge using a cookie cutter.

The heart shaped disc that comes with most cookie presses makes Valentine's cookies a breeze!

Red Bell Pepper Deviled Eggs.

Putting my cookie cutters to use again... Heart Shaped Ravioli.
Now I'm hungry...

Let's do a little Valentine's Day embellishing and have a happy day:@)

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  1. I love the heart ravioli!! What a cute idea! I've got to come up with some clever Valentine food and this is perfect, thanks Lynn!

  2. I *heart* your Valentine's round-up and food fun Lynn, especially those mashed potatoes! I just read yesterday that February is National Potato Lover's Month, but it's year round for this potato lover :)

  3. So much heart shaped goodness happening. Those ravioli's however.. yummm!

  4. You sure make everything look pretty! Hugs!

  5. Sometimes those darn paprika dispensers are a disaster waiting to happen :) I ♥ all of your Valentine ideas, Lynn, especially the ravioli!

  6. Bill would be thrilled with your mashed potatoes (though am down to just one russet!! Got to add those to my shopping list)! And I love your pie and those ravioli. Great roundup!

  7. I'm lovin' all your ideas, Lynn! I don't know why, but this post went to my my spam box, which I discovered when I checked. Hope you had a nice Valentine's Day!


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