Monday, June 17, 2024

Lemon Greek Yogurt Basil Vegetable Dip & Dollar Store Charcuterie Board

This Lemon Greek Yogurt and Fresh Basil Dip for Vegetables couldn't be easier and only calls for two ingredients. Ok, maybe four if you'd like to count salt and pepper:@) And as far as dips go, it's pretty darn healthy too! I like the idea of using flavored yogurt, and Walmart's Great Value brand has a nice mellow lemon taste. Add some veggies (peas are from the garden), some crisp pepperoni chips, spiced olives (recipe coming soon), and crackers... I called this lunch-good stuff folks.

I wanted to mention, if you're making charcuterie for just a few people, Dollar Tree has these tempered glass cutting boards. While I'm not a big fan of using glass for cutting, I do like this square 8" size as a board, and feel it's well worth the $1.25:@)

Some boards have inspirational sayings or cute scenes on them, they come in square or round. I chose square clear glass.

The yogurt I used:

The snow peas were small but plentiful this year:@)

Lemon Greek Yogurt & Fresh Basil Dip
5.3 oz-ish Greek Lemon Yogurt
8 basil leaves, very finely minced
Generous few grinds of coarse black pepper
Pinch of salt
~Mix well, let marinate in refrigerator for at least 15 minutes and serve with vegetables.

Eat Well and Have a Happy Day:@)

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