Saturday, July 31, 2021

Saturday ReView: Zoodle Squash Scampi & Portulaca Tower Update with Barbie

I wanted to mention a very tasty way to enjoy zucchini and summer squash while the gardens are still producing... This Zoodle Scampi is a great side dish that goes well with everything from grilled meat to rotisserie chicken. It cooks up quickly and is bursting with big garlicy flavor:@)

Did you hear the news? There's a new summer theme park in my Barbie world, Flamingo Mountain:@) Instead of a traditional climbing wall, the dolls get to scale the side of a large planter filled with gorgeous brightly colored portulaca! Don't let the beauty of the flowers fool you folks, Barbie says it's quite a workout...

The mountain seemed huge and while the first three levels were a breeze,
now it's not so easy...

But this was Barbie's summer adventure and she was determined to get to the top...

The sun kept going in and out, providing a much needed break from the heat.
Taking time to smell the flowers and catch her breath...

The flamingo was within sight...

Every muscle ached, but,
(Is that bird taunting her???)

And the prize at the end of the journey?

Your picture with the flamingo...
Really??? That's it???

Well, and bragging rights of course😎

We here at PIM encourage everyone to chase their dreams...
No matter how challenging!

🌺Make something just for fun and have a happy day😉 


  1. I love zoodles, and your recipe is simple but perfect! Have you tried spiralized butternut squash? That's my favorite...I'm off to check out Barbie's vacation!

  2. Golly tonight is the first night we haven't eaten zucchini or summer squash...for over a week. Now you have another way...LOL. WE are crossing our fingers on the winter squash!!!Hugs, Sandi

  3. Doodles are a great way to serve squash! I need to get my spiralizer out and make some.

  4. Your pasta sounds fantastic! Zoodles for me and pasta for Bill!


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