Saturday, October 3, 2020

Saturday ReView: Rustic Cabbage and Bean Soup & DIY Fire Pit for Barbie

The garden center had all orange pansies this year so I tucked one into my planter for the fall (we just had a good rain and some sun and it has colored up nicely since this pic!). This large jolly Jack had been languishing in storage for years, I decided to drill a couple holes in the bottom for drainage and bring him out for Halloween. As I walk out my door I'm greeted by this fun scene and I've been enjoying it, just wanted to share a smile:@)

I have to tell ya folks, in all of my years blogging, this Rustic Cabbage and Bean Soup goes way back to 2011 and it's still one of my favorites! (I'm thinking I need to whip up a batch and try to take an updated picture...) This is such a healthy and robustly flavored soup, and it's one of those that gets even better the next day. If you're a fan of cabbage, don't hesitate to try this recipe, I think you'll be happy:@)

And here's a fun fall craft for Barbie,
how about making a cute fire pit from a jar lid and some pipe cleaners here.
The only thing missing... Some itty-bitty 'smores:@)
I started with the cap from a jar of peanut butter and sprayed it a couple times with black spray paint.
I had some metallic eyelash yarn in my stash and glued it to the bottom, thought it might add a little shine.
You could also lay some tinsel or shiny pipe cleaners in the bottom if desired.

Also gave it a sprinkle of chunky gold glitter. 

Stacked up some dried twigs from the yard as logs, 
adding orange and yellow bump chenille pipe cleaners to look like flames around or between some twigs.  
I hot glued them in place. You could also wrap some wire around them.

When done, I gave it one last sprinkle of chunky gold glitter.

The only thing missing... Some itty-bitty 'smores๐Ÿ˜Ž

Happy Fall everyone, have a great weekend:@)


  1. Yay for soup season! The firepit is awesome, must show CC! Have a great weekend Lynn!

  2. The pumpkin with the flowers looks so festive and the soup sounds great for fall.

  3. I love your Inspirational Friday quote! Hope you're doing well. For some reason, your posts stopped arriving but I changed email addresses and will try to re-subscribe!

  4. We all need some smiles and your cute planter sure provides that. I do love cabbage and use it in place of lettuce for my lunch salad everyday, and I like it cooked. I’ll check out your soup for sure. I love Barbie’s fire pit. I’m sewing one out of felt for Harper for her birthday. She wants a camping theme room.


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