Saturday, April 28, 2018

Saturday Snippets-Stars and Stripes Ball Jars, Herb Kits and George Foreman Grilled Quesadillas

Look at these little beauties I found at Walmart! Stars and Stripes Ball Jars have a star with flag embellishment on each jar. Set of four $5.98. Not just for sipping sweet tea and decorating, they are true canning jars too. How about making some homemade relish or freezer pickles (um... pickled jalapenos anyone?) for the 4th of July picnic:@)

 Very patriotic, made in the USA and really cool!

Ball also has new indoor Herb Growing Kits out this year. My Walmart only had basil and I did Google around to see if they offered other varieties but believe it or not couldn't find any other information on these mason jar kits (not even on Ball's website).

And finally, this post isn't so much about the recipe for Buffalo Chicken and Cheddar Quesadillas, that's pretty straight forward. It's really just a suggestion, or reminder, that your George Foreman Grill makes killer quesadillas! It does a great job of melting the cheese and the tortilla gets toasted and crisp without needing extra fat. And... It only takes 3-5 minutes, I like that:@)
Buffalo Chicken Quesadillas:
Mix cooked chicken with a liberal amount of buffalo sauce, spoon onto half of a tortilla and sprinkle with cheese
Fold tortilla in half, place on grill, close lid. Cook until cheese is melted. 

I'm off to the thrift store... 
Have a happy weekend everyone:@)


  1. Those jars are very nice looking. I am going to have to look for them at my Walmart

  2. Walmart does have a great canning aisle! Love that cheesy quesadilla :)

  3. Now I'm craving a quesadilla! I make mine in something similar to the GF grill---and love the ease and crispiness, too.

  4. I haven't been to Walmart in a while...I think I am due for a trip. Anytime I travel down the ball jar aisle I get inspired to make something - so I totally get your excitement. : ) I have a mini Forman grill that I never use.. time to break that out also.

  5. Those jars are a neat find. I never look around at Walmart so thanks for letting us know about them! Hugs!

  6. Cute jars! I love quesadillas, yum! Cinco de Mayo!

  7. Those jars are so cute, and patriotic, too. I love quesadillas, but I have to make them in a skillet, as I don't have a George Forman. The buffalo ranch chicken and cheese sounds so good right now! Happy Sunday!

  8. Lynn, I was just at Walmart yesterday but I didn't venture out of the garden center. I'm going to make a mad dash for a set of those jars tomorrow, thanks for letting me know! Buffalo Chicken Quesadillas sound oh so tasty. ♥

  9. You have me wanting a Buffalo Chicken quesadilla! Glad you got the cute jars, and yes I do need to make your pickled jalapenos soon. Have made them before and loved them!


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