Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Silk Plants Direct -Ficus Tree Review

I was offered the opportunity to review my choice of silk flowers or plants and chose a large 5' ficus tree from Silk Plants Direct, and have to say it's beautiful! I needed something to fill the far corner of the livingroom and this tree is full and lush and has so many more branches than the faux plants we can find at the craft stores. I'm still working on a planter or basket, it's in my cast iron pot for now...

I had to chuckle when I stopped at the dentist last week and recognized another tree I saw on-line!
This premium site offers commercial quality items.

If you're looking for plants or flowers to spruce up the house for spring...
Don't hesitate to stop by Silk Plants Direct folks.

The tree came packaged well, with a nicely balanced weighted base. 

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While I was generously supplied with this tree, my review is honest and opinions are my own.

Have a happy day:@)


  1. Lucky you Lynn! Very attractive!!Love your rose toting piggies!!

  2. It looks so read and hey it won't drop leaves!!

  3. Very pretty! My mom always had a ficus in our living room. I'm afraid I would kill a real one :)

  4. That is so interesting, Lynn! I was approached by someone from a fake palm tree company and they offered me something from Silk Plants Direct also. I never received anything and figured it was a scam or hoax. Another blogging friend was approached by the same person via email and he was representing a totally different company with almost the exact same website. Glad you experience was successful! Your tree looks great!

  5. The tree looks great, Lynn, and adds some nice green in the living room.


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